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TPS3 Deleted Session February 19, 1975 5/74 (7%) Foster house hill privacy formality
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session February 19, 1975 9:27 PM Wednesday

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

Give us a moment.... You both seem informal, yet your informality exists within its own rather formal structure. The places so far have had a certain formality. Within that formality, then, in contrast, you are informal. Development homes also represent, to you both, now, undisciplined, unthinking, sloppy behavior. You disapprove of it.

The formality of the position of the house upon its hill provides a kind of structure of its own. The same house on low land would not suffice, you see. It is the entire picture that is important. There are good paintings to be found from the house, in terms of landscapes, and natural walks. You would end up, I imagine, tearing down a wall.

In formal rooms you use informal decor. In informal rooms you would use a more formal decor. You do not understand your mixtures of order and spontaneity, formality and informality. You do not want to move into an overly friendly neighborhood. Others do. Those houses have not sold because of the very characteristics you found attractive—their relative aloofness, and their aura of apartness.

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That house has greater capacity in terms of adding on in the attic. It has its own formality. That formality, oddly enough, will encourage Ruburt’s spontaneity, for he would find it a challenge to work with the house and yet in counterpoint.

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

Give us time.... When you live in a house that belongs conspicuously to another age, you are to some extent avoiding the contemporary nature of life. Ruburt may find himself furnishing the place more formally than another, yet the open quality of the air is the kind of air that you do not hide in.

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