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TES8 Session 374 October 23, 1967 11/48 (23%) table alfalfa Bradley John Hazelton
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 374 October 23, 1967 9:15 PM Monday

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(Once again John Bradley was a witness to the session. He is a medical salesman from Williamsport, PA.

(John B. was also a witness to the 366th session, which dealt with the wife of John Pitre to some extent, multiple sclerosis, etc. I have to correct an error on page 134 in that session. John Bradley was misquoted there; he has heard of alfalfa extract, and indeed remembers his mother using it many years ago. Reading over John Pitre’s two recent letters, John Bradley said it is perfectly possible to make alfalfa tea from alfalfa pills, or the plant itself. The alfalfa product should be available at health-food stores, he said.

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([John and Rob:] “Good evening, Seth.”)

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The young woman of whom our friend (John Bradley) speaks. Impressions: an A. (Pause.) Lived in a town by a river. Connection with two males, one older, perhaps 34, a brother or close friend.

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(The above data refers to a young woman John Bradley talked with in Hazelton, PA, recently. John has met her the one time, he said, plus an instance where he had coffee with her. She is a nurse at the Hazelton hospital.

(Not knowing her at all well, John could verify little of the data; he took a copy with him to check out with the girl next time he sees her. He did know she had been in Hazelton less than a year, returning there from Philadelphia, which is on a river.

(Jane had an image within, as she spoke, of a capital S and a small e v connected to it. John said the girl’s first name is Terry, which is an Irish name, but that she is Italian, with black—not brown—hair. Last name is Repanshek; but there is a puzzle here, since the name doesn’t seem to be an Italian one. Spelling is John’s phonetic interpretation.

(Terry Repanshek was not wearing glasses when John saw her. He said she has exceptionally small hands for a woman grown, but he noticed nothing unusual about her hands. Will check all the data. The girl’s odd name and the Italian heritage may tie in with Seth’s reference to a stage name.

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(10:35. Jane was again well dissociated, and came out of trance slowly. John Bradley said he had no Wednesday appointments scheduled for the coming week, but would keep Seth’s statement in mind.

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(John and I were somewhat tired but wanted to try the table. We used the small one, and placed it on the rug to muffle its noise at the late hour. It began to move almost at once, and by tapping out the alphabet told me, in somewhat garbled fashion, that an O B, a family relative, was making contact. Jane did not know who this could be, and I did I not tell her.

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(The session climaxed with a very active dance by the table, as the three of us left our chairs and followed it about the rug. It described circles, balanced on one leg at a time, then two, in a regular rhythm. At times it scooted in a straight line. The hilarity of all this is hard to convey, but the objective realization of what was taking place, and of how hard it would be to explain to a neophyte, finally got to John Bradley. This was his first experience with a table. He ended up laughing until the tears rolled down his cheeks, as the three of us went round and round the room with the table.

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