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TES8 Session 366 September 25, 1967 2/49 (4%) competitor Searle Bradley John Gleason
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 366 September 25, 1967 9:45 PM Monday

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I also have the impression of a competitor. Now I am not sure here. This is a strong competitor without your company, or it is a strong physical competitor of yours within the same company. There seems to be a D here—the name of David comes to mind, and the Star of Israel, which may mean that the competitor is Jewish.

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(John could not offer any data re any new products by Searle. He knew of no competitors. He mentioned a Dave Gleason [not Jewish] in his company. Gleason is an excellent salesman, John said, but he knew of no way they could be competitors. If there was a chance of this it would be a remote one, and unexpected.

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