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ECS1 ESP Class Session, April 22, 1969 bacon discipline bees demand Dean

Now this is practical and it is the only real practicality. For if you hate, you create a hateful reality. And to the extent that you hate, you find reality hateful. To the extent that you fear, you create a fearful reality. To the extent that you love, you create a lovely reality. To the extent that you create, you create a reality full of creativity—and this is my message.

You create your own physical reality!

Each of you individually creates the reality that you know—and en masse, altogether, you create the reality of your world and your universe. There is no good within it in which you do not participate—and there is no evil within it in which you do not participate—and in which you have no part.

TES7 Session 305 November 30, 1966 Infinity god systems illusions diversity

Now, other planes and systems are as real and as unreal as your own. They are all formed from inner vitality, which is the basic or ground reality. Many other systems reflect inner reality more clearly, with less distortions, but the distortions themselves are creations. All systems are then formed mentally, including your own.

[...] But each self must go its own way and develop its own abilities and explore the possibilities which it creates itself, otherwise the whole would stagnate.

Basic reality cannot know itself without creating diversity. The diversity is the various forms that reality takes, the various systems within which it expresses itself through projecting itself into infinite individualized experience. [...]

SS Part One: Chapter 2: Session 515, February 11, 1970 environment cocreators dimensional perceptors microbe

It is quite true that your physical senses create the reality that they perceive. [...] You perceive its reality through one set of highly specialized senses. This does not mean that its reality exists in that form in any more basic way than it exists in the form perceived by the microbe, insect, or bird. You cannot perceive the quite valid reality of that tree in any context but your own. [...]

Your own physical environment appears as it does to you because of your own psychological structure. If you gained your sense of personal continuity through associative processes primarily, rather than as a result of the familiarity of self moving through time, then you would experience physical reality in an entirely different fashion. [...]

Now: The senses that you use, in a very real manner, create the environment that you perceive. Your physical senses necessitate the perception of a three-dimensional reality. [...]

ECS2 ESP Class Session, May 26, 1970 god joyful browbeat takers commandments

[...] As long as you dwell on your own imperfections you accept that god, and it has no meaning in reality. You have created a concept of a god that has no reality. [...]

No god ever created sorrow. All attributes projected on God are your own. You create your own responsibilities. No god ever created the environment in which you live. [...]

[...] Find your own road. Each can find and understand his own way.

TSM Chapter Ten doorway Bill Mark apparition sketch

Seth explains exactly how we translate thoughts into physical reality. To our knowledge, this explanation is original with the Seth Material To say the least, the supposition that we actually create matter gives rise to all kinds of questions, and Rob and I have considered many of them at one time or another. Was Seth saying that we created tables and chairs as well as events? And when we were ill, were we creating our own disease? If we create reality to begin with, then can we change it for the better?

[...] But each individual creates his own space continuum … I want to tie this in with the differences you seem to see in one particular object. Each individual actually creates an entirely different object, which his own physical senses then perceive. [...]

[...] Instead we form matter in order to operate in three-dimensional reality, develop our abilities and help others. Physical matter is like plastic that we use and mold to our own desire, not like concrete into which our consciousness has been poured. Without realizing it we project our ideas outward to form physical reality. [...]

TSM Chapter Eighteen thread agony God gestalt yearning

[...] Now: Using your free will, you have made physical reality something quite different than what was intended. [...] You were to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your own inner reality, and of your nonphysical existence. [...] You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it becomes the only reality that you know.

“The agony and the desire to create represented Its proof of Its own reality. [...]

“The camouflage is so craftily executed and created by the inner self that you must, of necessity, focus your attention in the physical reality which has been created. The psychedelic drugs alter the neurological workings, and therefore can give some slight glimpses into other realities.

SS Part One: Chapter 2: Session 513, February 5, 1970 pleasure created understatement form environment

They are created by our mental patterns, [just] as your own physical reality is created in perfect replica of your inner desires and thoughts. You think that objects exist independently of you, not realizing that they are instead the manifestations of your own psychological and psychic selves. We realize that we form our own reality, and therefore we do so with considerable joy and creative abandon. [...]

[...] First of all, you must understand that no objective reality exists but that which is created by consciousness. Consciousness always creates form, and not the other way around. So my environment is a reality of existence created by myself and others like me, and it represents the manifestation of our development.

[...] You, however, form your own physical image at an unconscious level in more or less the same manner, but with some important differences. You usually do not realize that your physical body is created by you at each moment as a direct result of your inner conception of what you are, or that it changes in important chemical and electromagnetic ways with the ever-moving pace of your own thought.

TES7 Seth’s Lecture to Pat’s Boston High School Class March 25, 1967 classroom hell kill chromosomes Pat

It is all in one respect hallucinatory, and yet it is your reality and you must deal with it. If you do not like the looks of the adult world, then you had better change your own expectations now. The world in which your parents live is a world which they created. [...]

Anything that you can see and feel and touch exists within your own reality, yes, and within it, it is legitimate and valid. [...] They form reality for you, and yet the reality that they form is highly distorted; and what you see, dear friends, does not exist and you do not see what does exist.

[...] How many of them, after criticizing their elders, look inward into their own hearts? How many demand that they use their own potentials? [...] If you see but one item within your universe and it disgusts you, then look within yourself, for you have helped create it.

TES4 Session 162 June 14, 1965 Lorraine electrical witnesses delivery brogue

You create, as you know, physical matter on a subconscious basis, without knowing egotistically that you do so. You create physical matter as effortlessly and as smoothly and as automatically, and as unknowingly as you create your own dreams.

[...] Since each individual creates subconsciously the physical matter of his own image, then it follows that the condition of this image is his own responsibility.

The location does not exist within your physical system, but the dream location is a reality. It is a superimposed value which you have created, and which is valid and vivid. [...] But here we are closer to that reality which is beyond space as you know it.

TES7 Gene Asks About Past Lives Gene illusion game Shiva relevant

[...] When that point is reached, you will be able, if you prefer, to experience any “Reality-Illusion" at your will, but the self who experiences these “reality-illusions" will know itself as reality. There is no place for it to go, because it is the only reality and will create its own environment.

You are creating your own limitations. [...] Seth admits he is part of the game and was, in a sense, created by Gene. He says that Gene is dealing in artificial terms, not real ones.) You and I are part of the same reality.

[...] Is there any way to distinguish between illusion and reality other than by a creation of my own mind?”)

TES3 Session 96 October 12, 1964 gestalt Trinity unitary primary plane

You create appearances. You create outer senses to perceive the appearances, and so what you perceive through the outer senses seems logical indeed. But again, there are infinite realities, as vivid, and some indescribably more vivid than your own, but presently you are not focused upon them.

They, or the inhabitants of such realities, do not perceive your plane of existence for the same reason. [...] The closest field or plane is that one that you create, that you call the dream world, and that you imagine to be unsubstantial, impermanent, fleeting, having no reality except during your own contact with it.

It may be thought of in an analogy, as a shadow, in that you create it or project it, but without conscious knowledge. It is a natural consequence of your own existence. [...] Its existence is as permanent as your own.

NotP Chapter 1: Session 755, September 8, 1975 psyche canvas brushstroke artist greater

[...] To some extent this book itself provides its own demonstration. I call Jane Roberts “Ruburt” (and, hence, “he” and “him”) simply because the name designates another portion of her reality, while she identifies herself as Jane. She writes her own books and carries on as each of you do in life’s ordinary context. She has her own unique likes and dislikes, characteristics and abilities; her own time and space slot as each of you do. She is one living portrait of the psyche, independent in her own context, and in the environment as given.

[...] That level of reality, however, is even further divorced from your own. [...] (Long pause.) There is a much closer relationship, in that I recognize my own identity as a distinct portion of Seth Two’s existence, where Ruburt feels little correspondence. In a manner of speaking, Seth Two’s reality includes my own, yet I am aware of my contribution to “his” experience.

[...] When you travel as pioneers through your own reality, you create each blade of grass, each inch of land, each sunset and sunrise, each oasis, friendly cabin or enemy encounter as you go along.

DEaVF1 Chapter 2: Session 884, October 3, 1979 particles meson protons smaller eccentric

[...] Those events soon found that a transformation must occur (pause), if they were to journey into objectivity—for no objectivity of itself could contain the entire reality of subjective events that existed within divine subjectivity. [...] They sensed a kind of value fulfillment that required of them the utilization of their own creative abilities. They yearned to create as they had been created, and All That Is, in a kind of divine perplexity, nevertheless realized that this had always been its own intent.

Some of the “particles” the theoretical physicists have discovered—and/or created—in their gigantic particle accelerators have unbelievably short life-spans in our terms, vanishing, it seems, almost before they’re born. [...] Keep in mind that according to the Seth material the merest particle is basically conscious in its own way. [...] Did a meson, for example, choose to participate in an atom-smashing experiment in order to merely peek in on our gross physical reality for much less than the billionth of a second it exists with that identity, before it decays into electrons and photons? From its viewpoint, our reality might be as incomprehensible to it as its reality is to us—yet the two inevitably go together.

Value fulfillment itself is most difficult to describe, for it combines (pause) the nature of a loving presence—a presence with the innate knowledge of its own divine complexity—with a creative ability of infinite proportions that seeks to bring to fulfillment even the slightest, most distant portion of its own inverted complexity. Translated into simpler terms, each portion of energy is endowed with an inbuilt reach of creativity that seeks to fulfill its own potentials in all possible variations—and in such a way that such a development also furthers the creative potentials of each other portion of reality (all very emphatically).

TES9 Session 427 August 7, 1968 yearned Dave agony cosmic sepia

Now when I say there was a state of nonbeing, and yet speak of All That Was, existing simultaneously in that state, I mean (pause), that All That Is did exist, itself, obviously in a state of being, but in a state in which it could not find expression for its own being. [...] Yet it is doubtful that without this “period” in quotes, of contracted yearning, that All That Is could concentrate its energy sufficiently enough to create the realities that existed in probable suspension within it.

The agony itself and the stupendous desire to create represented its proof of its own reality. [...]

[...] Now in this same way do you give freedom to the personality fragments within your own dreams, and for the same reason. And you create for the same reason, and within all of you is the memory of that primal agony—that urge to create and free all probable consciousnesses into actuality.

UR2 Appendix 16: (For Session 711) sidewalks city theater traps beloved

[...] [If I did] then I would be denying you your own power, and therefore seemingly building my own … I am here because I enjoy it. [...] That is why I am here and why you are here … My view of reality is different from your own, and that is fine, and so I can teach. [...] I enjoy the great vitality and exuberance of your reality, and our city will have joy and exuberance. [...]

1. “You can colonize an entire inner level of reality,” Seth told that October 1st class. [...] It will have a greater reality than any physical city that you know, and it can, in its own way, shine with brighter lights in inner reality than any nighttime city displays. There, I hope, you will work at developing skills, in terms of the dream-art scientist (for instance; see Session 700 in Volume 1 of ‘Unknown’ Reality), and learn other professions than the ones you now know.”

I speak to you from the known and unknown desire that gives you your own birth, and that speaks to you from the tiniest, least-acknowledged thought that flies like a pigeon within your skull … And in this moment of your reality, and in the desire of your being, do you even create All That Is. [...]

NotP Chapter 9: Session 787, August 23, 1976 pure events psyche smallest propensity

Pure energy, or any “portion” of it, contains within itself the creative propensity toward individuation, so that within any given portion all individually conscious life is implied, created, sustained. Pure energy cannot be destroyed, and is “at every point” simultaneously being created. [...] Your own psychological activity is the closest evidence you have, though you do not use it as such. [...] The psyche, your psyche, is being freshly created “at every point” of its existence. For that matter, despite all appearances, the physical universe was not born through some explosion of energy which is being dispersed, but is everywhere being created at all of its points “at each moment.”

[...] The surface numbers, or the familiar ones, would still serve to explain the dream in the context of your own world. As you live in an obvious physical universe, sharing in its reality, so each of you exists in a far vaster psychological or psychic universe — surrounded by, supported by, and part of psychic or psychological entities (long pause) infinite in their variety. Your smallest action affects their reality, as theirs does yours. [...] Psychological realities cannot be compared in terms of size, or bigger or smaller, for the validity and brilliance of each existence carries a personalized intensity so unique that it overshadows any such considerations.

In that respect you cannot rip apart your events to find the reality behind them, for that reality is not so much a glue that holds events together, but is invisibly entwined within your own psychological being. [...]

TES8 Session 338 May 1, 1967 splinters environment dimension cluttered prime

The physical with its multitudinous and astonishing complexity, merely hints at the full nature of inner reality however, for all of inner reality cannot be translated in physical terms. Your own physical environment is constantly tended by you automatically. It constantly reflects in its own way the nature of your inner environment. [...]

Consciousness therefore continually creates and maintains itself, and this includes the physical materialization, the properties of the dimension, and yet basically there is no difference between the creator in these terms and the created. Nor between inner reality, which forms physical matter, and physical objects themselves, for the atoms which are manipulated to form objects are themselves a portion of consciousness, and alive in those terms. [...]

Now in the same way that consciousness originated the physical dimension, you as portions of consciousness continue to maintain and create it anew. [...] You also then know and develop yourselves through your own creations, and you automatically create and maintain your physical environment in the same manner that you breathe. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 10: Session 640, February 14, 1973 therapeutic therapy illumination grace chemicals

Some of these systems do touch upon legitimate portions of reality, but they all overlook the great individualistic and highly private nature of your dreams, and the fact that you create your own reality.

(Long pause.) Those innate bodily abilities also help sustain you as you continually create the image. (Pause.) The source for all of this creativity springs from your own inner identity, which is never completely materialized in flesh, and so you always have unused portions of creativity at your command. [...] In those terms there is a constant interaction between the creation and the creator, and in three-dimensional reality the creator is so a part of his handiwork that it is difficult to tell one from the other.

[...] But you peer out through your own eyes at the universe. (Pause.) You create not only the body, then, but its entire experience, the context in which it takes place. [...] It is the framework in which you have your experience, created by you as the artist gives his paintings their dimension.

SS Part Two: Chapter 14: Session 560, November 23, 1970 drama Christ twelve disciples God

Now your own physical image is the materialization of your idea of yourself within the properties of matter. [...] If you will try to accept the idea that your own existence is multidimensional, that you dwell within the medium of infinite probabilities, then you may catch a slight glimpse of the reality that is behind the word “god,” and you may understand why it is almost impossible to capture a true understanding of that concept in words.

There are many probable systems of reality, therefore, in which physical data predominates, but such physical probabilities represent but one small portion. Each of you also exist in nonphysical systems, and I have explained earlier that your slightest thought or emotion is manifested in many other ways than in your own field of existence.

[...] Often answers were given to questions that literally have no meaning outside of your own system of reality.

ECS1 ESP Class Session, April [1?], 1969 Christ jolly murder tulips Easter

Now, you have made physical reality something different than was intended. You did this through using your own free will, your egos have become overdeveloped, overly specialized. They are focused so strongly within physical reality and physical reality is far more painful than was originally intended. [...] You were to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your inner reality and of your true home. [...] You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it has become, indeed, reality. The only reality that any of you know. [...]

[...] The interest and the effort mean much to you and will work for your own benefit, beside the fact of course, that you will have in your possession an excellent manuscript. [...] These have far more reality and far more resources. [...]

[...] You have been given but glimpses of what I am trying to explain to you but what I will explain will make your own reality as you know it more meaningful and will give a logical and intuitive basis to it, which is lacking. [...]

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