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TES9 Session 484 May 26, 1969 John Philip overcrowded overpopulation mankind

Concerning the overpopulation problem, remember that more than physical mechanisms are involved. The problem will be solved by mankind indeed; but mankind is composed of reincarnational entities. It is quite within the probabilities that the statistics will reverse themselves and that for no reason that scientists can discover, children are born stillborn, as in a mass epidemic, and that entities simply refuse to inhabit the bodies made for them. The bodies then remaining empty to decay unused. (What a grim situation, I thought.)

There have been changes through your ages that have given birth to enlarged or expanded consciousness. The oversaturation of your atmosphere that will be brought about as a result of overpopulation, the increased psychic activity, the greater communications, will have the result further of pressing inward upon the individual until he is forced to find a new way to handle stimuli, and to respond to events.

Now give us a moment, for overpopulated Chicago.

NoPR Part One: Chapter 8: Session 635, January 24, 1973 guilt violation shalt instinct Thou

In those terms overpopulation is a violation. [...]

Presently you have a condition in which overpopulation is compensated for by wars (pause), and if not by wars then by diseases. [...]

WTH Part Two: Chapter 11: June 9, 1984 suicide depression irreversible damnation choices

[...] They remind themselves that the planet is overpopulated, and project into the future the most dire of disasters, man-made and natural.

NotP Chapter 4: Session 770, April 5, 1976 puberty sexual sex male biological

In times of overpopulation, this mechanism is hardly desirable, but it is a part of the species held in abeyance now, representing nature’s capabilities. [...]

NotP Chapter 5: Session 771, April 14, 1976 sexual homosexual male heterosexual female

[...] In times of overpopulation, so-called homosexual and lesbian tendencies come to the surface — but also there is the tendency to express love in other than physical ways, and the emergence of large social issues and challenges into which men and women can throw their energies. [...]

UR2 Epilogue by Robert F. Butts geese Unknown migrations flight epilogue

[...] We project our inner knowledge “outward” in distorted fashion; thus on a global scale we thrash about with our problems of war, overpopulation, and dwindling natural resources, to name but a few.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 12: Session 648, March 14, 1973 geese animals instinctive disease beasts

[...] Overall there is also the world situation to be taken into consideration — the status of the species on the planet, in which, say, overpopulation problems will bring about death to insure new growth.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 11: Session 642, February 21, 1973 aggression violence passive beliefs animals

[...] If thoughts alone could kill, you would not have the overpopulation problem!

SS Part Two: Chapter 12: Session 550, September 28, 1970 hate hatred sausage cheek evil

[...] Sue brought up the question of overpopulation. [...]

NoME Part One: Chapter 1: Session 803, May 2, 1977 chair sculptor die disasters patterns

(10:20.) It is quite obvious that people must die — not only because otherwise you would overpopulate your world into extinction, but because the nature of consciousness requires new experience, challenge, and accomplishment. [...]

ECS2 ESP Class Session, May 5, 1970 Gert Florence Arnold Doug Brad

[...] If your world is overpopulated, you can reduce yourselves to a state of consciousness that existed, in your terms, eons ago from which you would then again have to learn to emerge. [...]