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WTH Part One: Chapter 3: March 21, 1984 inferior fortify everywhere environment injustice

Those who look upon physical life as inferior to some other more perfect spiritual existence do a great injustice to physical existence in general. Physical life is everywhere filled with the universal energy that is its source, so it can hardly be inferior to it’s own composition.

ECS1 ESP Class Session, January 21, 1969 violence curse justification honor Presbyterian

(There followed a discussion about the place of protest and violence in the world today—this violence as a means to correct injustice and to get people to accept all other people and their “thing” without prejudice or the judgment of someone else’s values. [...]

TES3 Session 143 April 5, 1965 illness visitors Sonja pills Louis

You of all people should realize that when valid concern for world problems turns into an obsession with world injustices that wipes out all, or threatens to wipe out all personal enjoyment, then trouble is on the way. [...]

[...] Neither plunge yourself into the ignorance, doubts and injustices, so that you can see nothing else, nor close your eyes to them. [...]

TPS5 Deleted Session November 22, 1978 Jones Jonestown suicide temple quickie

Social injustices can cause circumstances in which people will give up reason, logic, and personal responsibility to follow a leader who offers them protection from an unsafe universe. [...]

TES9 Session 485 June 2, 1969 rent landlady raised Leonard resentment

[...] This does not exonerate injustices. [...]

NoME Part Three: Chapter 8: Session 857, May 30, 1979 impulses idealism motives altruistic power

[...] The businessman who believed in Darwinian principles and the fight for survival, who justified injustice and perhaps thievery to his ideal of surviving in a competitive world — he suddenly turns into a fundamentalist in religious terms, trying to gain his sense of power now, perhaps, by giving away the wealth he has amassed, all in a tangled attempt to express a natural idealism in a practical world.

SS Part Two: Chapter 20: Session 582, April 19, 1971 evolved portraits Mrs Speakers evolution

I have told you often that you do yourselves a grave injustice by limiting your conception of the self. [...]

TES3 Session 145 April 12, 1965 hate evil ego roles assimilate

[...] There are always, as I believe you realize, those who court injustice and persecution. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session April 15, 1981 Sinful superself dilemma breakthrough fulfillment

With his mother dead it seemed highly unsporting to cast, for example, any aspersions or express fresh anger against injustice. [...]

UR2 Section 6: Session 734 January 29, 1975 Sumari Barbara family wind Irish

In a way, however, Seth may do Jane and me something of an injustice when he remarks, for instance, that the Sumari “don’t hang around to cut the grass….” [...]

TSM Author’s Introduction paranormal God students Carol advice

Neither of us was bitter about such a God’s apparent injustices—we didn’t pay Him that much attention. [...]

TPS4 Deleted Session August 29, 1977 Darwinian Freudian Darwin teeth competition

To a large degree, however, and for many people, he did remove the idea of God’s injustice, even if he removed the image of God in the process. [...]

TES6 Session 272 June 29, 1966 violence docile child retaliate aggressiveness

When this builds up and enough small legitimate injustices are borne, docilely, then we have an explosion of a sorts. [...]

SS Part Two: Chapter 12: Session 550, September 28, 1970 hate hatred sausage cheek evil

[...] If you vividly concern yourself with the injustices you feel have been done you, then you attract more such experience, and if this goes on, then it will be mirrored in your next existence. [...]