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TES1 February 17, 1964 Callahan Miss attack cramps studio

(There followed a very confusing [and to me upsetting] several hours during which Jane and our neighbor, Leonard Yaudes, tried contacting Miss Callahan’s doctor, her relatives, her friends, our landlady, and a hospital. The relatives at first refused to help, seemingly out of fear of Miss Callahan herself. There were mix-ups, in which Miss Callahan’s doctor was waiting for her at the emergency room at the hospital while Miss Callahan stayed home, and during which time Jane called the relatives several times, pleading with them to help, etc. It finally ended when Jane and Leonard secured the help of another doctor, who arrived by midnight and stated that Miss Callahan should be in the hospital.

(After midnight, the relatives finally showed up, and with Jane’s help took Miss Callahan to the hospital.

TES1 Session 28 February 24, 1964 Miss Callahan entity psychiatrist plane

[...] In the dream, Jane saw Miss C in a hospital; Miss C was very thin, and dressed in black. [...] In this hospital where Miss C was, things were also being sold.

(It will also be remembered that we did not hold our regularly scheduled 26th session, due February 17, 1964, because of Miss Callahan’s being taken ill, and finally going to the hospital.

[...] Miss C then asked Jane if she would bring in the mail, etc., while she was in the hospital.

TES1 Session 29 February 26, 1964 plane Callahan Miss Watts camouflage

(Jane and I were back home from visiting Miss Callahan, in the hospital, by 8:30. [...]