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UR2 Appendix 23: (For Session 724) Warren histories elite primitive gurus

In your terms, your histories were not written by the people who worked the earth. They were created by the priests and the elite, who made up their own histories to suit their purposes — to hold down the masses, for reasons that I will someday discuss, for they are important. Those histories never spoke of the vast, massive emotions and needs of the human beings involved, who listened, because their hearts and survival depended upon their doing so, to the voices that speak within the earth that your instruments even now cannot perceive. Those histories did not tell of the human beings who had to know what insects would crawl or fly from one end of a continent to another, so that they could be captured and roasted and eaten. They did not speak of the human beings who had to know what migrations of animals would roam through their land — and when and where, and at what phase of the moon — lest they starve….

(Jane came out of trance — briefly — and Warren began explaining what had gone on. “I wasn’t referring to regular history,” he said, “but to esoteric history —”

(We talked about many things, as usual. When our conversation began to range over psychic phenomena, leadership, history, and language,1 Jane went into trance; then Seth came through strongly. This unexpected kind of session rarely develops these days, but, as Jane said later, the subjects under discussion were “emotionally charged” for her — and for others present, too, I might add. [Incidentally, Seth began Volume 1 of “Unknown” Reality on February 4, 1974 — three days after this session was held.]

UR1 Section 3: Session 695 May 6, 1974 Mama Papa ancestors children official

2. The “officially accepted life” mentioned here reminded me that in the last (694th) session Seth used the phrase “your officially recognized idea of physical reality” in discussing the role probable events played in our world history. In the 686th session he referred to “official data” when he considered ancient man’s selection of certain mental and biological pulses as physical reality; later in the same session, he used the self-explanatory “official history.” [...]

(Pause.) In your terms, think of those ancestors in your family history. [...]

[...] Each expedition sends “letters” back home, commenting upon the behavior, customs, environment, and history of the land in which it finds itself.

TMA Session Eleven September 15, 1980 resurrection Christ biblical ascension tomb

(Pause.) Now in the facts of history, there was no crucifixion, resurrection, or ascension. In the terms of history there was no biblical Christ (pause), whose life followed the details given. [...]

[...] They had to flow into the events of history as he (underlined) experienced history. [...]

[...] So there were in those days some rather disconnected events that served as the focus point for great psychic activity: People wanted to believe, and their belief changed the course of history. [...]

SS Part Two: Chapter 21: Session 585, May 12, 1971 drama internal religion outward religious

An internal drama is carried on by each individual, a psychic drama which is finally projected outward with great force upon the field of history. [...]

Thus you deal often with events in which men are touched by great illumination, isolated from the masses of humanity, and endowed with great powers — periods of history that appear almost unnaturally brilliant in contrast with others; prophets, geniuses, and kings shown in greater-than-human proportion.

[...] The highest of man’s aspirations, therefore, will be projected upon physical history. [...]

UR2 Section 6: Session 727 January 6, 1975 mountain geologist tree future rock

You are not any of those past selves, even though they are a part of the history of your being. [...]

Like the mountain, therefore, you have a history in terms of the present that is yours, and yet not yours. [...]

[...] To discover it you look “down” through the levels of your own being, there to find the layers of selfhood that in your world represent the past history of yourself, from which you emerged. [...]

NotP Chapter 1: Session 752, July 28, 1975 psyche birth barest history television

[...] You had a history, however, before your birth — even as it seems to you that the world had a history before you were born.

You take it for granted that the earth has a history. In those terms, your own psyche has a history also. [...]

[...] You search your experience and study official histories of the past, hoping to find there clues as to the nature of your own reality.

SS Part Two: Chapter 21: Session 588, August 2, 1971 Christ Paul Zealots a.d Righteousness

(In the 586th session, earlier in this chapter, Seth stated that by the year 2075 the third Christ — Paul or Saul — would have enacted the Second Coming, exerting of course a profound effect upon religion and world history. [...]

(According to history, all three members of the Christ entity met violent ends. [...]

[...] Instead they became lost in the history of the times.

TPS6 Deleted Session December 9, 1981 annals approach magical harmonious land

(9:10.) In those annals there is legend after legend, tale after tale, history after history describing civilizations that have come and gone, kings risen and fallen, and those stories have always represented cultures (spelled) of the psyche, and described various approaches used by man’s psyche as it explored its intersection with earthly experience. [...]

[...] It has been during the annals of history, but many of those fashions also indisputably, and with the best of intentions, managed to give a faulty picture: you ended up with your gods and demons, unwieldy methods and cults, and often with the intellect downgraded. [...]

DEaVF1 Chapter 6: Session 907, April 14, 1980 genetic determinism artist volition actor

Now besides this physical genetic structure, there is an inner bank of psychic information that in your terms would contain the “past” history—the reincarnational history—of the individual. [...]

[...] I see this as a contradiction of the notion that the individual is entirely at the mercy of his or her history and of nature. How can we be, if through the ages we’ve created that history and nature against which we react? [...]

[...] Opposing determinism is the idea that man has always fought for his personal responsibility—that instead of being controlled entirely by his heritage, he’s capable of forming new syntheses of thought and action based upon the complicated patterns of his own history.

SS Part Two: Chapter 14: Session 559, November 9, 1970 evolutionary entranced embedded multidimensional catalogue

History, as you know it, represents but one single light upon which you focus. [...]

History, as you think of it, represents but one thin line of probabilities, in which you are presently immersed. [...]

TES7 March 27, 1967 Notes on Seth Session Held Saturday, March 25, 1967 Pat sitters critically classroom clicks

(A note here: Seth told Pat that she had a strong interest in history which could be utilized along with a writing ability; then Pat told us that she majored in history in college; we just took it for granted she majored in English since she teaches it.

TPS6 Deleted Session July 23, 1981 granary Debbie bookstore July gifts

[...] And I’m afraid that history contains numerous examples wherein that very reaction has taken place. [...]

Now: I would like to recall some of your earlier history. [...]

[...] I would like to have a history that deals with that time and area specifically, but don’t know of any such work. [...]

TES9 Session 491 July 2, 1969 race system abrupt clay violent

There were three men whose lives became confused in history, and merged, and whose composite history became known as the life of Christ, for example. [...]

It made no difference to your history. [...]

UR1 Appendix 6: (For Session 687) ancient pathological article Appendix parallel

“For a long time these varieties of ancient men shared our earth and history, in varying terms. [...]

[...] Yet they shape our neurological history.”

UR1 Section 2: Session 695 May 6, 1974 photograph species probable picture specimen

As you are looking at one photograph in your personal history, that represents your emergence in this particular reality — or the reality that was accepted as official at the time it was taken — so you are looking at a picture of a representative of your species, caught in a particular moment of probability. [...] As you have your recognized, official personal past, so in your system of actuality you have more or less accepted an official mass history (see Note 2). Under examination, however, that history of the species shows many gaps and discrepancies, and it leaves many questions to be answered.

UR1 Section 1: Session 681 February 11, 1974 unpredictability predictable probable atoms massive

In the same way that you latch upon one personal biological history, you latch upon but one mass earth history. Others go on about you all the time, and other probable selves of your own experience their “histories” parallel to yours. [...]

[...] But those cells are aware of the body’s history, in your terms, and in a much more familiar fashion than you are aware of the earth’s history.

The cells are also aware of probabilities in a more familiar fashion than you are, as they manipulate the past and future history of the body. [...]

TPS5 Deleted Session September 13, 1978 Carter God Jews Arabs men

[...] “Decent” God-fearing men, then, must indeed question how the same God can have such different views, and at least wonder if their own nationalistic histories and prejudices may not have distorted the interpretation of God’s word somewhere along the way.

At various times this one God of Carter’s seems to have said, on more unearthly subjects, that the Jews would be saved, while our infidels languished in the deepest hell, or that the Mohammedans would be saved—and throughout history as you know it, and as you do not know it, the stories have thrived. [...]

WTH Part One: Chapter 2: March 1, 1984 glittering kingdoms crinkling interruption grass

My history is filled

TES6 Session 273 July 18, 1966 wheel sweater ribbon parallelogram nurse

[...] I knew nothing of its history consciously, and hoped Jane and Seth could help out. [...] We regard such objects, where we know little of the history, as being like objects furnished by others.

[...] As stated I picked the red ribbon used as object from the bed of our cat on about June 20, with little idea of its history. [...]

[...] More history will be given as we interpret the data.

UR2 Section 5: Session 720 November 13, 1974 shadows hallucinations oak cast camera

[...] Using your dream camera, you can with practice discover the history of your own psyche, and find the many probable decisions experienced in dreams. [...]

[...] Embedded within it were these lines: “Ruburt’s idea did come from me, about your reincarnational episodes involving the Roman officer, and your personal experience illustrates what I am saying in ‘Unknown’ Reality — the individual’s history is written in the psyche, and can indeed be uncovered.” [...]

[...] And the history of the species is written in the mass psyche in just the same way….”

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