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TPS7 Deleted Session October 14, 1983 Rembrandt healing sponge soak rotated

Now: Very briefly, I want to congratulate Ruburt on the Rembrandt book, and to reassure him that that same creative energy is healing his body as surely as it has written books. There is nothing to keep that kind of energy in one compartment only. Let him realize that (emphatically), and the healing energy can more freely circulate through his physical body—with results as astounding as his books are!

(I added that Seth’s remark about using the same energy for healing that she’d used to produce Rembrandt was another excellent example of obvious insights—once one was aware of it. “It could be that your healing began way back on June 9, when you started Rembrandt,” I said. “We had to approach it, get started, that way, without even knowing what we were up to. We had to give ourselves hope in that fashion....”

(Pause.) The body has begun its renewal process, which has always been present, only slowed down, or momentarily suspended. That healing energy has now been accelerated. It largely works independently of normal time. Therefore, some improvements can appear with great rapidity.

WTH Part One: Chapter 4: April 4, 1984 coldhearted heart brokenhearted healing feeders

Later on we will indeed discuss various methods of healing, conventional and unconventional. Medical technology alone, however expert, cannot really heal a broken heart, of course. Such a healing can only take place through understanding and through expressions of love. [...] The emotional factors are extremely vital, both in the development and in the healing of all dis-hyphen-eases.

[...] It is actually far more important that we stress the symptoms of health and those methods, beliefs, and healings that promote them.

TPS7 Deleted Session December 11, 1983 staff Kleenex fragile healing Cathy

As this occurs, negative habitual patterns of thought are also being healed. The body is enthused as it heals itself. [...]

The body’s energy has been largely into the healing of the bedsores, and into inner activity —the loosening of muscles and joints and ligaments. The healing of the bedsores, of course, will make motion ever so much easier. [...]

[...] Such is her remarkable healing progress, as Seth has been referring to it. [...]

TPS1 Deleted Session April 15, 1969 buyers intelligence infinite subconscious perfect

[...] It knows how to heal me. [...] This infinite healing presence within me is now transforming every atom of my being, making me whole and perfect now. I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place now: Wonderful are the works of the creative intelligence within me.

[...] The healing intelligence of her subconscious mind which created her body is now transforming every cell, nerve, tissue, muscle, and bone of her being according to the perfect pattern of all organs lodged in her subconscious mind.

[...] She is now open and receptive to the healing currents which are flowing through her like a river, restoring her to perfect health, harmony, and peace.

TPS7 Deleted Session December 8, 1983 dessert news healing ulcers congressional

The healing processes have considerably quickened, so that the healing of the ulcers will very soon (underlined) be an accomplished fact. They are all rapidly healing. [...]

[...] She said Gail Greene and others told her this morning that the ulcers are all doing much better, and that the two on her right knee, especially the one on the inside, are almost healed. [...]

The body will not have to use its energy very much longer in healing sores—thus freeing even more energy to set to work on the joints and muscles themselves, and the ligaments. [...]

TPS7 Deleted Session December 4, 1983 Phyllis cream knuckles healing rinse

[...] She was assigned to her room today, though, and this morning as she began working with Jane she commented several times of the marked improvement in Jane’s ability to move, and the rate at which her decubiti are healing. [...] The knee is healing remarkably well. [...]

(I should add that those gaping cavities on Jane’s buttocks of last year have almost filled themselves in, in a remarkable demonstration of healing, as far as I’m concerned. Tender pink flesh still shows, but the healing process will continue, I think, until all signs of those wounds are gone. [...]

I am making myself known simply to reinforce those conditions in which healing is quickened. Those conditions are always present—yet even the briefest of sessions reinforces those aspects that quicken healing. [...]

ECS2 ESP Class Session, November 10, 1970 flute Louise music tale wink

Each of you automatically heal yourselves day by day, as you know. [...] You use the energy of the universe to heal yourselves constantly, but you have very definite conceptions of how this healing can take place and what is possible and what is not possible. [...]

(To Nadine.) It often occurs that those who have strong healing abilities focus upon illness and sickness and are obsessed with it in the same way that many ministers, given to thoughts of good and God, are obsessed with the idea of the devil and evil. So you also have strong healing abilities but these, so far in your personal life, have been latent because of your fear and your obsession in the other direction. [...] In your own personal life you are afraid to use your abilities of this healing. [...]

(During break a discussion about healing and physical images.)

WTH Part One: Chapter 2: February 14, 1984 Babs appointment dentist healing mustard

The official line does have its role, of course — but once again, by itself it must remain isolated from the deep, creative, healing functions of body consciousness. The official line of consciousness is really the “worrier,” because it recognizes that it can only go so far, and usually it is not educated enough to realize it is itself sustained and supported — and now I bid you a fond good afternoon, and I do indeed adjust those coordinates that do quicken Ruburt’s healing processes.

[...] It is as if you set up a small healing station, or platform and from that vantage point the body is then able to use its healing abilities far more effectively than usual.

(“Just what do you mean when you say that you “adjust those coordinates that quicken Ruburt’s healing processes?”

TPS7 Deleted Session October 31, 1983 moved bedsores grunting foot Acuto

(Earlier she’d told me that she was both disappointed and impatient with her progress since we’d started this group of sessions on October 9. She’d wanted her decubiti healed in a week, she said, and to be sitting on the edge of the bed by now. [...]

Ruburt can tell himself that the same energy that writes his books and that moved his foot up this afternoon can indeed heal those other portions of his body. [...]

[...] The body will follow its own order as the healing process continues, so he should not demand that it perform thus and so, for the body knows what it is doing. [...]

TPS3 Session 779 (Deleted Portion) June 14, 1976 liner craft McCullough Howard ocean

[...] They provide for all of the energy and healing abilities needed. [...]

Ruburt is finally setting himself free, dispensing with beliefs that he once accepted from the world—beliefs that set up conflicts—and now the unity of his nature is healing him. [...]

[...] She has had some remarkable improvements over the last two weeks especially—including one during the night: She lay in bed, “swooning” in near ecstasy, for two hours or so, and is writing her own account of this experience that was clearly a profound healing one.

TPS7 Deleted Session October 22, 1983 hollows chilly fracas Reagen Margaret

[...] A healing, once it has begun, wants to follow its impetus toward the most complete healing possible. [...]

[...] I thought some data on these items might show how her psyche was integrating our new information and efforts, including the healing impetus. [...]

I like to speak to you each day for a while, if only briefly, since the session itself sets up a climate in which healing is greatly promoted. [...]

TPS4 Deleted Session July 12, 1978 Emir Eleanor conservative weight truth

Some excellent healing took place Monday evening, and Ruburt was right to relax. That healing is making possible some other improvements that have not yet shown. [...]

Physically, the situation is thus: the vital areas of the head are now largely being concentrated upon with healing activities. [...]

[...] The upper portion of the body and its posture is extremely important in his walking, and again in general—in general—the upper or the lower portion of the body has the greater activity in healing at a given time, while the other portion is relatively, now, at rest.

TPS6 Jane’s Dream April 4, 1981 limp Saturday Anyhow healed was

[...] Healing dream. [...] Anyhow, in a short matter of time I’m completely healed. [...]

TPS3 Session 707 July 1, 1974 Tam warmest salesmen Willy injured

[...] You are both in a good period of transition, and Willy is showing you the nature of healing. [...]

[...] A large wound on his left shoulder is healing itself.)

[...] The difference between beliefs and feelings caused a lag in the healing process that is just now beginning to accelerate again.

TPS6 Deleted Session January 27, 1982 cottage Paul Neill explore willingness

(Long pause.) Animals massage each other, and also use touch healing, and these activities represent the natural characteristics available in the “animal family,” as well as occurring naturally in the family of man. Animals playing are always exchanging healing transformations of energy from one to the other. [...]

(Pause at 9:15.) It is quite healthy, particularly at certain stages, for young children to sleep together in the same room or even in the same bed, as long as some opportunity for seclusion is provided to them when they want it—for at night the ancient families did indeed refresh and heal themselves. You can consciously retrain yourself to use the ability more freely and directly, and in many instances one individual can help heal another easier than the person can himself. [...]

[...] Since your bodies constantly heal themselves, and since all nature is basically cooperative, so the exchange of such healing energy is freely effortless. [...]

TPS3 Session 784 (Deleted Portion) July 19, 1976 quicker protest discomfort trigger crying

[...] The cry of symptoms, however, is meant to bring about a new condition, to trigger healing aspects, so drugs can often impede the healing process.

Now Ruburt mentally cut down upon the discomfort of his symptoms, so that the body did not feel its own discomfort strongly enough to trigger healing processes to the degree necessary. [...] The body is a self-healing mechanism. [...]

TPS7 Deleted Session January 2, 1984 bandages itching pendulum powdery scratching

Much of that energy had been used to heal his bedsores, to keep his condition stable, and then to begin renewal of excellent health. [...] The rest of his sores will indeed shortly heal themselves completely. [...]

[...] They have healed over in those areas. [...]

[...] But I’d say that the most important thing in the whole business is that I now have a free mind about the affliction: I can forget it, by and large, and know that the benefits, the minor healing, will naturally flow. [...]

WTH Part Two: Chapter 11: June 12, 1984 cancer patients garbage disease unconscious

Doctors might suggest that a patient relax and then ask himself or herself what kind of inner fantasy would best serve the healing process. [...]

The fear that blocks that energy can indeed be dissipated if new beliefs are inserted for old ones — so again we return to those emotional attitudes and ideas that automatically promote health and healing. [...]

Healing can involve help on many levels, of course. [...]

TPS3 Session 793 (Deleted Session) February 14, 1977 sample congratulate healing taxes session

It is vital, again, that both of you trust that healing process and not hamper healing’s creativity by tying it to any given day’s practical experience. [...]

WTH Part One: Chapter 1: January 20, 1984 impatience repair typewriter cartridges darning

[...] I said I thought that maybe her impatience was meant to serve as an impetus to her healing speed. [...]

— and I am announcing myself again to quicken those conditions that accelerate the healing processes.

The remaining bedsores will be healing themselves at an even quicker rate, since he is now assimilating protein so much better than he used to. [...]

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