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ECS1 ESP Class Session, December 10, 1968 5/10 (50%) identity mirror layers dimensional provocative
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 1 Sessions 9/12/67 to 11/25/69
– ESP Class Session, December 10, 1968 Tuesday

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Identity is not the same thing as personality. Personality is that part of identity that manifests itself within physical reality and within your time. Identity is far greater than personality. Personality represents only those aspects of identity that you are able to actualize within three-dimensional existence. The inner self knows who it is. The inner self communicates with your present personality. In your dreams you have communication with that larger portion of yourself that is your identity. Personality may be to some extent molded by circumstance. Identity uses the experiences. Identity is not carried willy-nilly, but holds its own.

If you had read more of the material and if you had studied the information more carefully on action and identity, then you would know what I mean. You can consider the whole self as an onion if you wish. There are layers and layers and layers, but these layers all grow from the inside outward as though the inner identity forms layers and layers of personality. These personalities are part of the identity but not the entire identity.

It is true there are no limitations to the self, and in one respect you can say that the self reaches out and encompasses the environment. Current feelings regarding personality, however, do not take into consideration the existence of telepathy or clairvoyance, nor the fact of reincarnation. And so what you have, in effect, as I have said often before, is a one-dimensional psychology. You need a multi-dimensional psychology for identity operates in many dimensions beside a physical one. If you examine your own dreams, you know that for yourself. Now, that is for your record.

Now, for your class! You have here a provocative study or demonstration in the nature of personality for your club. For my personality is not Ruburt, nor is Ruburt mine. We even have the words of a signed psychologist saying that I am not a secondary personality. I make no attempt to dominate Ruburt’s private life nor, indeed would I expect him to allow it. There are no points of conflict. I do not represent any restrained or any inhibited portions of Ruburt’s own being. As you all know, he is hardly the inhibited type on his own! I have helped him in that his personality operates more effectively. He is able to use his ability more fully. But that it seems so could hardly be psychological crime.

The facts are, dear psychology class and professor, that all of you are more than you know and that personality and identity are far different than you usually believe. Although each of you realizes privately the truth, and the truth is not easy to put into words, no one can do more than approximate it. However, each of you exists in other realities and other dimensions, and the selves that you call yourself is but a small portion of your own I.

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