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TPS5 Deleted Session September 13, 1978 3/29 (10%) Carter God Jews Arabs men
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session September 13, 1978 9:24 PM Wednesday

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The Arabs and the Jews and your Baptist Carter—a beautiful instructional picture.

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Begin, Sadat, and Carter are each “God-fearing” men, sincere believers in their causes. How can “God” be for the Jews and against their enemies, the Arabs, as the Jews suppose, and how can God be for the Arabs and against the Jews, as the Arabs suppose? “Decent” God-fearing men, then, must indeed question how the same God can have such different views, and at least wonder if their own nationalistic histories and prejudices may not have distorted the interpretation of God’s word somewhere along the way.

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Man possesses an innate biological knowledge, however, of right and wrong, and to a large extent religions, as they are utilized, distort much of that information. Left alone, men are not murderers, though some may murder. Men always form some kind of group, in which respect is given of one kind or another to their own species, and to nature. Your communication system may, in time, make the distortions of your God concepts much more visible, so that honest men can at least question “How can God say this to the Jews, and that to the Arabs? Is it possible that we have read the message wrong?” All That Is is within each living thing. All That Is is within that which is not, also. Man is not set one against the other. The old distortions involved with the various religions must and will come to light.

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