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TPS2 Deleted Session October 15, 1973 6/33 (18%) repair synthesis relaxation badminton weight
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 15, 1973 9:05 PM Monday

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The right and left sides are out of balance. The relaxation episodes naturally provide in their own way, more easily and without discomfort, the same sort of benefit that theoretically would be received, say, in a chiropractic treatment. This is but one part of the process, however. The release of muscles takes place in such a way that the tendons around joints are gradually loosened, and then the body works on the joints themselves. Ruburt has experienced the slight soreness as rigidity in those areas begins to loosen. There is also the repair of tissue about the joints.

There is some swelling, very slight sometimes, when the joints are involved and this merely provides a cushioning process as circulation is quickened and pressure is taken away. There is repair in all areas. Because the procedure is a natural one, the heat sensations can neatly show you the areas directly involved at any time.

Give us a moment.... There is an ingredient in wine that the blood can use at this point in its building process. Also as mentioned the bacon. He is at this point in a better position than someone with an overweight problem, in that the joints do not have much weight bearing upon them, or fat to smother their mobility.

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The suggestions on trusting the body must be continued, for the body’s healing process now follows those beliefs. Before he was hampered by the initial beliefs, now nearly dissolved, that caused the disbelief in the body. Those body beliefs are now in the process of changing. As they change, bringing about improvements, you find them in reality as you understand it. The result you see is the materialization of the new beliefs, as before you saw the materialization of the old.

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He realizes that freedom is within him. He did not understand that before. He realizes he does not need the symptoms, and is in the process of losing them. He must want freedom as strongly as before he wanted to repress it, and this is in the direction in which he is now moving.

He believes that freedom is possible, meaning physical freedom. Before, he did not. But freedom should not be thought of as an absolute, but as a process of fulfillment that will take place naturally because he wants it to, and believes that it will. All suggestions as given last week stand.

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