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DEaVF1 Chapter 4: Session 897, January 21, 1980 4/34 (12%) Billy David divine model weather
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 4: The Ancient Dreamers
– Session 897, January 21, 1980 9:15 P.M. Monday

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

Such an idea is much like some scientific ones, that see the universe running down, [with energy] being dissipated and order gradually disintegrating into chaos. Both versions conceive of a finished creation, though one is a divine production and the other is a result of nothing more than happenstance.

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In this model, changes of form are the result of creative syntheses. This model is seen to have its origin (long pause, eyes closed) within a vast, infinite, divine subjectivity—a subjectivity that is within each unit of consciousness, whatever its degree. A subjective divinity, then, that is within creation itself, a multidimensional creativity of such proportions that it is itself the creator and its creations at the same time.

(Long pause at 9:37, one of many.) This divine psychological process—and “process” is not the best word here—this divine psychological state of relatedness forms from its own being worlds within worlds. Your universe is not the only one. Nothing exists isolate in nature, and to that extent the very existence of your universe presupposes the existence of others.

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In a manner of speaking, your universe and all others spring from a dimension that is the creative source for all realities—a basic dream universe, so to speak, a divine psychological bed where subjective being is sparked, illuminated, stimulated, pierced, by its own infinite desire for creativity. The source of its power is so great that its imaginings become worlds, but it is endowed with a creativity of such splendor that it seeks the finest fulfillment, for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imagining.

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