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DEaVF1 Chapter 4: Session 897, January 21, 1980 4/34 (12%) Billy David divine model weather
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 4: The Ancient Dreamers
– Session 897, January 21, 1980 9:15 P.M. Monday

(The weather is still very warm for this time of year; the temperature is often above freezing in the daytime, and when we do get a dusting of snow it soon melts on the bare ground. This morning I took David Yoder home from the hospital, and this afternoon I took our tiger cat, Billy, to the veterinarian. Billy hasn’t acted well since last Saturday, and his beautiful coat has lost its luster. He had a temperature of 105° when the vet gave him a shot and prescribed some pills. Yet the doctor didn’t really know why the cat is sick. Jane and I wondered what role Billy’s illness might play in our affair with David—surely a way of thinking that would have been quite alien to us before the advent of the Seth material.

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“I wouldn’t mind getting something from Seth on why Billy got sick,” I said to Jane after supper. She replied that she’d rather wait on the request: She was becoming very relaxed, and didn’t want to get involved with “deep questions” that might interfere with her increasingly comfortable state. In fact, my wife just hoped she could hold the session. She’d been “stewing” about David, the state of the world, human frailty, Billy, and herself, and had had to make strong efforts to change her thinking.

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“Why, for example, did David fall ill? We have discussed that, dealing with several levels—but meanings often fall into categories that become almost indescribable.”

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“To the cat this is an experience. There is some additional implication, in that he picked up your joint feelings about your friend David—but that is not the cause, simply an added coloration. The give-and-take of weather conditions and animal behavior is little understood. Your other cat, for example, reacted in an opposite fashion, actively providing herself with additional stimuli.

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