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TES3 Session 89 September 19, 1964 6/78 (8%) Louie Ida cruelty eloquence son
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 89 September 19, 1964 10:10 PM Saturday Unscheduled

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(Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20, Jane and I spent visiting my brother William Richard and his wife Ida, in Rochester, NY. Bill has been acting as custodian of the second carbon of the Seth material. Jane and I have always made it a policy to have a carbon of any written material—prose, poetry, etc., in separate hands outside of our house, as a protection against loss by accident, fire, etc.

(We had not asked that Bill follow the material from session to session, feeling that it was for him to decide whether to pay any attention to it or not. Jane and I were therefore pleasantly surprised to learn that Bill and Ida had read some of the material; and while not hostile to it, they still expressed a healthy skepticism—an attitude Jane and I much prefer to any gullible, overenthusiastic belief blindly undertaken.

(Ida’s brother, Louie, had also been following the material somewhat more thoroughly, and he visited the four of us at Bill’s home Saturday night. Louie has had more experience than Jane or I with ESP activities; and when in the course of conversation the question of Jane giving a session arose, Jane and I were somewhat surprised, not anticipating this, and did nothing to push agreement to such an idea. However, when we finally became convinced that a session was quite welcome to Ida, Bill and Louie, if only out of curiosity, Jane and I agreed to try to hold one.

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(Here of course Seth refers to Bill and Ida, having given some information on their past lives in various sessions, many sessions ago.)

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(Break at 10:32. Jane was fully dissociated. She had been worried about giving a session before three witnesses, she said, this being the first time for that many. During the conversation at break it developed that Louie in this life does not use his right hand for all things, but is somewhat ambidextrous. Ida associated this, which neither Jane or I realized, with the fact that in the previous life a right arm had not been used by Louie.

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(Break at 11:02. Jane was again fully dissociated, far-out. There followed a conversation mainly between Louie, Ida and Bill in which family matters were discussed. Not being versed in these, Jane and I could say little, and we had no way of knowing how valid the session’s material might be, or prove to be.

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