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TES3 Session 89 September 19, 1964 4/78 (5%) Louie Ida cruelty eloquence son
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 89 September 19, 1964 10:10 PM Saturday Unscheduled

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It is indeed a basic anxiety and fear. The personality can express himself very well. In the 1500’s he was eloquent, and it is precisely because this eloquence, so persuasive, so smooth-tongued, caused his superiors at that time to believe the accusations against the innocent man, that he now fears to use an eloquence, because he once let it run away with him.

It is the present personality’s desire to express himself, opposed by the subconscious memories of that past life, with its fear of the effects of eloquence used without discretion, that now cause his difficulty.

His present desire for expression will certainly not change. It is therefore the fear of expression that must be erased. Nor can this erasure occur without the realization by this personality that he can indeed trust himself. For both the fear and the anxiety is based simply upon a resulting distrust of his ability to handle eloquence or verbal expression.

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Communication is a field in which the personality will be extremely successful, for through electronics there is communication, and he can use his latent eloquence which now has no outlet, in this field. And may I here add that his interest in psychic phenomena is precisely caused by this need to communicate.

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