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DEaVF1 Chapter 1: Session 883, October 1, 1979 5/57 (9%) divine progeny inflationary unimaginable sleepwalkers
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 1: Before the Beginning
– Session 883, October 1, 1979 9:06 P.M. Monday

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You had the sleepwalkers,2 early members of your species, whose main concentration was still veiled in that earlier subjectivity, and they were your true ancestors, in those terms.

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2. Seth first discussed the “sleepwalkers” in Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality—see Session 708 for September 30, 1974. Here’s a much-condensed version of what he told us that night after break ended at 9:56:

“Imagine a body with a fully operating body consciousness, not diseased or defective, but without the overriding ego-directed consciousness that you have. The sleepwalkers’ physical abilities surpassed yours. They were as agile as animals, their purpose simply to be. Their main points of consciousness were elsewhere, their primary focuses scarcely aware of the bodies they had created. Yet they learned ‘through experience,’ and began to ‘awaken,’ to become aware of themselves, to discover time, or to create it.

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In “Unknown” Reality, then, Seth’s material on the sleepwalkers heralded one of the main themes of Dreams, which he began five years later. Dreams was unsuspected by us then, of course; so what books to come will have their genesis in this one?

(I’ll add that Jane and I have received several thousand letters since the publication of Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality. As best I can remember, however, not a single writer has mentioned the sleepwalkers—one of Seth’s most intriguing concepts.)

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