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NoME Part Three: Chapter 7: Session 848, April 11, 1979 3/34 (9%) tornadoes nuclear reactor exterior Mile
– The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
– Part Three: People Who Are Frightened of Themselves
– Chapter 7: The Good, the Bad, and the Catastrophic. Jonestown, Harrisburg, and When Is an Idealist a Fanatic?
– Session 848, April 11, 1979 9:21 P.M. Wednesday

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(While eating supper this evening Jane and I watched the television reports on the series of devastating tornadoes that had struck northern Texas and southern Oklahoma — an area known as “Tornado Alley” — late yesterday afternoon. Over 50 people have been counted dead so far, with hundreds injured and many thousands left homeless. We’ve driven through some of the communities that were damaged. We talked about why people would choose to live in a region where it’s practically certain that such storms will materialize every year. Our questions would also apply to living in any dangerous environment on the planet, of course.

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Now: People who live in tornado country carry the reality of a tornado in their minds and hearts as a psychological background.

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(10:42 P.M. Jane remembered that Seth had mentioned tornadoes, which we hadn’t expected him to do. Her delivery in trance has been steady and often quite forceful.

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