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TES2 Session 80 August 24, 1964 3/33 (9%) Aug cold vacation Driftwood Beach
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 80 August 24, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(It will be recalled that in the 63rd session, June 17, 1964, page 159, Seth gave a date of today, Aug. 24, as being one that could possibly see an unpleasantness arise for us. Starting our day this morning, we reminded ourselves of the date, but made no plans other than to perhaps keep a sharp eye out for situations that could possibly develop unpleasantly. As an example, I drove the car with a little extra caution, though usually I am a careful driver to begin with.

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(When Harry requested that I put in more time I declined, and he accepted my answer with his usual good grace. I thanked him for offering me the extra income. There was no unpleasantness. I did not base my decision concerning working hours on the Seth material, although the information Jane and I have received on expectations played a part; it has done much to increase our confidence in various fields of endeavor other than our arts.

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The unpleasantness for this date was avoided largely because of your own improved expectations and understanding.

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