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TES2 Session 80 August 24, 1964 4/33 (12%) Aug cold vacation Driftwood Beach
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 80 August 24, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(This was our first session since returning from vacation in York Beach, Maine. Both of us had heavy colds when we got home on Sunday, August 23.

(Jane came down with her cold while we were in Maine. Strange to say, she believes it began on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 18, while we were dancing at the Driftwood Lounge at York Beach, which is the hotel bar where we saw our projected fragments, described by Seth in the 9th session [in Volume 1], page 43.

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(I would like to mention here another rather halfhearted experiment I tried while on vacation. Driving up to Maine, I noted that our car, which is an old one, was using quite a bit of oil. I did not keep an exact record because I did not have the experiment in mind at the beginning of the trip. However, by the time we left York Beach, I had tried to suggest to my subconscious, in line with the material we have obtained to date on the value of expectation, that the car would consume less oil than on the outward journey. Again without keeping an exact count, I arrived home with the definite feeling that the car used at least two quarts less oil. Twice, stopping at stations along the way, I was somewhat surprised to be told by attendants that no oil was needed, or that it was down so little that there was no point in adding more. I did not tell Jane of my little effort until we were home. Again, if tonight’s session developed, I thought I would ask Seth whether I was correct, or merely the victim of some overoptimistic wishes.

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The abandon of your dancing was good for both of you. The indisposition, or cold, came about for a strange reason, based mainly upon the symbolism placed by both of you upon the establishment in which you created the fragments last year.

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