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TES2 Session 80 August 24, 1964 5/33 (15%) Aug cold vacation Driftwood Beach
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 80 August 24, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(Jane came down with her cold while we were in Maine. Strange to say, she believes it began on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 18, while we were dancing at the Driftwood Lounge at York Beach, which is the hotel bar where we saw our projected fragments, described by Seth in the 9th session [in Volume 1], page 43.

(For the record, we reached York Beach on Monday, Aug. 17, and spent the evenings of the 17th and 18th at the Driftwood. We did not see the fragments of last summer, nor indeed any person even remotely resembling them. We saw the same hostess, who did not remember us although we remembered her, and the same members of the band. The bar had been redecorated to some extent, but enough of the old remained to make it seem quite familiar. Nevertheless the more modern look it now had did not appeal to us as much, and the first night we were there Jane remarked that she didn’t like it as well. The 19th and 20th we spent dancing at another place.

(It will be recalled that in the 63rd session, June 17, 1964, page 159, Seth gave a date of today, Aug. 24, as being one that could possibly see an unpleasantness arise for us. Starting our day this morning, we reminded ourselves of the date, but made no plans other than to perhaps keep a sharp eye out for situations that could possibly develop unpleasantly. As an example, I drove the car with a little extra caution, though usually I am a careful driver to begin with.

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(It will be recalled also that in the 63rd session, Seth gave a date of Aug. 12-15 for Miss Callahan, our neighbor in the front apartment. Miss Callahan and her illness, and her connection with Frank Watts, who purportedly was the first psychic contact Jane actually achieved, have been dealt with at length in various sessions. Seth did not specify the meaning of this latest date for her, and Jane and I saw Miss Callahan the day after our return from vacation, looking quite well. We had left Elmira on the morning of the 15th.

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(The irony here being that I had been making efforts, consciously at least, to convince myself that I would not catch Jane’s cold, after she developed it last Tuesday. I came down with it, actually, on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 22, while Jane and I were sitting in a drafty bar with her father, in Saratoga Springs, NY, while on our way home. It was a cold and rainy evening.)

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