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TPS3 Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 2/26 (8%) recovery wisdom subsidiary craftsmanship gradually
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 8:59 PM Monday

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Now: since out adventure first began, you have each had to learn much, and alter patterns of thought and belief, in your terms deeply ingrained. You tested what you were learning wisely against reality as you understood it. Ruburt knew that the adventure required a finesse, a juggling of realities, and he felt a maturity or wisdom that his years had not given him. There were also goals of his own. He was persuaded.

All of this occurred—the symptoms—while he tried to gain what he felt was the necessary wisdom to handle his experience. He now has that wisdom. The body is releasing itself—but trust its methods.

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