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TPS3 Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 5/26 (19%) recovery wisdom subsidiary craftsmanship gradually
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 8:59 PM Monday

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(Long pause.) Give us a moment.... Your help, again, with the suggestions is invaluable in terms of your loving active aid—but also because you are convincing yourself that you live in a safe universe, so that Ruburt does not feel that he must battle for himself and for you. Your sexual encounters are very important, for if you do not feel you are safe,then even animals have difficulty expressing corporal sex. There is an inner logic involved in Ruburt’s recoveryand now there is no doubt of it.

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This is sensible, in that it allows for the gradual acceptance of new stimuli, rather than a sudden, shocking, complete recovery, in which Ruburt is in a matter of moments confronted with issues he had completely avoided before.

That is, body and mind together explore their new freedom. I tell you this so that you are not discouraged. On the other hand the recovery is assured, and will occur far quicker than you imagine when you are not thinking of an instantaneous, complete recovery between one moment and the next.

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He has done remarkably well with the gums also. In the context of your cultural beliefs his efforts there are remarkable. As probabilities go, he can avoid losing any other teeth. He can. Some hot moist heat can physically help the knees now. There are only several small groups of muscles still to be released. There is nothing wrong with the joints, except for the tension under which they have been placed, and this is disappearing. You live in a safe universe. Ruburt will write a book about it, and about his recovery.

Each personality takes on certain challenges and deals with them in its own order. I want you to understand that Ruburt’s recovery is following its own order, yet also to reassure you that that recovery is assured, and will not take much time, as long as you do not expect it to be instantaneous.

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