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TPS3 Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 1/26 (4%) recovery wisdom subsidiary craftsmanship gradually
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 755 (Deleted Portion) September 8, 1975 8:59 PM Monday

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(10:39.) Now: Ruburt early saw your prejudice against galleries. And determined that he would try to circumvent it—hence your sketches in Dialogues; for despite your avid and determined dislike of the marketplace and its imperfections, of which he is more aware than you think, he thought that he would still see to it that your talent was placed to some extent at least before the world —rail as you would against the stupidities and poor craftsmanship. He was determined, protesting or not, that your work would see the light of day, that despite any compromises its merits would appear.

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