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TES2 Session 65 June 28, 1964 12/121 (10%) land acre purchase house intimacy
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 65 June 28, 1964 7:10 PM Sunday Unscheduled

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

It would not do in any case for you to purchase land that is closed in. This would not work out for either of you. It would bother you Joseph, as well as Ruburt. It is a very good idea for you to buy a house with land about it at this time. You were once a landowner, as you know, and your great desire for many acres stems from this.

Your reluctance to buy a home with actually adequate privacy but without large acreage stems from a sort of self spite. Once you had much land, and if you cannot have much now then you think that you will not settle for less, even though you must wait twenty years.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

You should not go into debt. That is, though I am no banker, you should not at this time pay more than six thousand, even though a higher figure might make more land possible. The financial worry would, in the end, even cause you, and not Ruburt, to feel bitter at the land itself. You were used to getting a livelihood, and a good one, from the land.

The idea of purchasing it now causes subconscious anger, though you love land. Ruburt will prove to expand as you will. He will be very good with anything having to do with planting, and the intimacy with the seasons will bring you both to a greater psychic fruition. This intimacy with the seasons is important to you both.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

If you purchase the house, you will paint two pictures in particular, landscapes in tempera, that will help set your name. The house itself is good, for it is high and near water. You should be near water. You should not, however, be on low ground. You should not buy a house, even with much land, that is not near water, for it will not content you and you will give it up. Water, that is a body of water, has value for the development of inner abilities.

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In your time to come, if possible you would do well to live by an ocean or even a large lake. A river is the next best thing, as long as the land is not low. The house at which you looked is good, again, because it is on high ground, and because it is above and near water, and is without seepage. There is rock beneath. The foundations are good, and the currents far down beneath the foundations are good ones. I am speaking here of something else which we have not yet discussed.

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The child who lived in the house until recently was somewhat disturbed, and had he lived there longer the house would not have remained psychically beneficial, but it is psychically beneficial now. High land such as this is good from a health and psychic viewpoint. I do not know of any impending danger with the neighbors, who stick alone.

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(Break at 7:40. Jane was dissociated as usual. The time had passed rapidly, it seemed. The house had, we had been told, about an acre of land, although it was all on the steep side of a hill. We had found it unlocked and had gone inside, but had not thought to examine specifically the foundations. On one side the hill dropped down to the highway; on the other side it rose at a steep slant. Jane and I had wondered about landslides.

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The psychic freedom and burst of energy that you will experience as a direct result of intimacy with land will be released regardless of the amount of land. Some feeling of ownership is necessary. However, though you may not want to accept this, old landowner Joseph, an acre will release this energy as well as ten acres. You have little conception of the energy that would be beneficially yours, even in the development of one acre that was yours.

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You have no worries at this amount. This is not a general statement, but applies to the specific house of which we speak. All the conditions change when the object or the land is different. A house psychically unsound would greatly cut down your ability to pay for it.

[... 29 paragraphs ...]

Air on all sides is much more beneficial in general than the arrangement you have; even though little acreage indeed is involved, the location and situation is more advantageous than many others with more land, and intimacy with nature will be vivid and good.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

Although your apartment has its drawbacks, and although it is about time for you to own a portion of land yourselves, overall the apartment, because of that relationship, has been beneficial. And this is the reason that Ruburt chose the apartment to begin with, and why you went along despite realization of its other disadvantages.

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