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TES2 Session 65 June 28, 1964 4/121 (3%) land acre purchase house intimacy
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 65 June 28, 1964 7:10 PM Sunday Unscheduled

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The idea of purchasing it now causes subconscious anger, though you love land. Ruburt will prove to expand as you will. He will be very good with anything having to do with planting, and the intimacy with the seasons will bring you both to a greater psychic fruition. This intimacy with the seasons is important to you both.

I am certainly not going to make any decisions for you. The house at which you looked today should prove an excellent buy, though I am not necessarily speaking in financial terms. The intimacy with nature that you would enjoy there would pay off in ways that you do not know.

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The psychic freedom and burst of energy that you will experience as a direct result of intimacy with land will be released regardless of the amount of land. Some feeling of ownership is necessary. However, though you may not want to accept this, old landowner Joseph, an acre will release this energy as well as ten acres. You have little conception of the energy that would be beneficially yours, even in the development of one acre that was yours.

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Air on all sides is much more beneficial in general than the arrangement you have; even though little acreage indeed is involved, the location and situation is more advantageous than many others with more land, and intimacy with nature will be vivid and good.

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