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NoPR Part One: Chapter 4: Session 619, October 9, 1972 3/75 (4%) beliefs imagination child punishment parents
– The Nature of Personal Reality
– Part One: Where You and the World Meet
– Chapter 4: Your Imagination and Your Beliefs, and a Few Words About the Origin of Your Beliefs
– Session 619, October 9, 1972 9:06 P.M. Monday

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For example: It may seem silly to you that you ever believed in, say, original sin. It may not be so obvious that many of your present actions are caused by a belief in guilt. We will have much to say about the ways in which your beliefs can be connected, simply because you are not used to examining them.

You may say, “I am overweight because I feel guilty about something in my past.” You may then try to discover what the charged event was, but in such a case your trouble is a belief in guilt itself.

You do not have to carry such a belief. I am well aware that strong elements of your civilization are built upon ideas of guilt and punishment. Many of you are afraid that without a feeling of guilt there would be no inner discipline, and the world would run wild. It is running quite wild now — not despite your ideas of guilt and punishment, but largely because of them. But we will have more to say about that later in the book.

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