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TES8 Session 420 July 1, 1968 4/56 (7%) Bernard letter Dr temperature statement
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 420 July 1, 1968 9:09 PM Monday

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As a rule body temperature, after certain preliminary stages, is lowered during Ruburt’s trance state. The heat therefore can mitigate against us at times. All communications depend upon inner electromagnetic manipulations in any case, even for example mental images, and body temperature is also related here.

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There is a heat conversion. If the physical temperature is too high however, then there are breaks that occur, particularly in the case of ordinary mental images, and in for example reception of clairvoyant impressions.

The relative stability of the physical system in sleep is one of the reasons why extrasensory perceptions so often make themselves known then. Dreams themselves activate physical temperature however, and all bodily processes. Except in periods of extreme physical heat however, the temperature changes and the resulting electromagnetic alterations, are easily converted into legitimate impressions of a clairvoyant nature, precognitive information, and so forth.

In out-of-body experiences from the dream state however, there is a lowering rather than a heightening of body temperature, even though dream elements are involved.

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