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TES8 Session 420 July 1, 1968 6/56 (11%) Bernard letter Dr temperature statement
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 420 July 1, 1968 9:09 PM Monday

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(On June 27 Jane had received a letter from Tam Mossman at Prentice-Hall, requesting information on Dr. Instream, Dr. Bernard, both psychologists; and on Ray Van Over. We had talked over the best way to answer the letter, and had made some notes to that end today. But these were unsatisfactory; so much could be said that, once again, answers to what seemed like simple questions could expand with a life of their own.

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Now. Dr. George Instream is an upstanding and upright man, and a very cautious one. He is so cautious that he allowed Dr. J.B. Rhine to make advances in the field of parapsychology that he could have produced himself, had he been more daring. He holds this against Rhine to this day.

Our results with him were good as far as the tests were concerned, though there was considerable distortion simply because Ruburt’s (Jane’s) abilities had not been sufficiently developed. There were direct hits, in other words, but these results could not be mathematically appraised in terms of the odds against them; and this is was what Dr. Instream was looking for.

(This is the first time Seth has mentioned Dr. Instream to us, since we halted the tests with Dr. Instream. The series of tests, held twice weekly, ran for one year.)

Robert and Jane operated in a vacuum, since he did not tell them anything regarding the tests, negative or favorable. No academic psychologist, including Dr. Instream, will give you a statement to the effect that I am a survival personality. Dr. Instream will give a statement I believe, as to Robert and Jane’s character, the quality of the Seth material itself, and the fact that no fraud of any kind is involved.

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Dr. Gene Bernard has received some excellent material from me, both in the realm of psychological interpretation, and clairvoyant impressions. I had a session for him at his wife’s request when he was ill, and in Ruburt’s files his answering letter attests to the correctness of my interpretations and impressions.

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