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TES8 Session 420 July 1, 1968 3/56 (5%) Bernard letter Dr temperature statement
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 420 July 1, 1968 9:09 PM Monday

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(On June 27 Jane had received a letter from Tam Mossman at Prentice-Hall, requesting information on Dr. Instream, Dr. Bernard, both psychologists; and on Ray Van Over. We had talked over the best way to answer the letter, and had made some notes to that end today. But these were unsatisfactory; so much could be said that, once again, answers to what seemed like simple questions could expand with a life of their own.

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Dr. Gene Bernard has received some excellent material from me, both in the realm of psychological interpretation, and clairvoyant impressions. I had a session for him at his wife’s request when he was ill, and in Ruburt’s files his answering letter attests to the correctness of my interpretations and impressions.

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(It is July 2 as I type this. Today Jane wrote to Gene Bernard and to Ray Van Over re statements. Today also she received a card from Gene Bernard’s wife Sarah, who is visiting her brother in Ecuador, South America, for several weeks.)

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