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TES8 Session 356 July 27, 1967 4/73 (5%) Stephen Ferd Pete Australian Osburn
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 356 July 27, 1967 9 PM Thursday

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

Now. On the diet of your Stephen. (Pete’s brother.) We find a confusion in body chemistry, caused either by the diet itself at present, or alternating changes of diet. (Pause.) Some actual, though not drastic, starvation of tissues from the same causes. Each individual utilizes carbohydrates and protein in a slightly different manner and what is good for one is not necessarily for another.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

Had your abilities been developed sufficiently, you could have seen through these probable futures into the actual physical future event that would come to pass. Now there is no great loss here, and take me seriously. Both you and Stephen shall have gained, and better now than later: for you cannot live your physical life in such a fashion. The development of your character and of Stephen’s would be drastically reduced.

There was a hope on Stephen’s part, and you responded to it. Not by any subconscious fakery, far from it. But you perceived the probable future that did exist as such; and I do not mean it only existed symbolically. Your desire to help him led to that perception. You would be the worse off, and your brother, if this were not so. You cannot use your ability in this fashion—purposely, you see.

[... 32 paragraphs ...]

All of this exists within the gestalt of the family. The mother has set up patterns of behavior that allow her to use aggressions in this way, and to dissipate the aggressions of others to a large degree. Within your family, no others save perhaps Stephen, could handle aggressions in this manner—that is, dissipate them. Although his way would be different from the mother’s.

[... 20 paragraphs ...]

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