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TES8 Session 356 July 27, 1967 5/73 (7%) Stephen Ferd Pete Australian Osburn
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 356 July 27, 1967 9 PM Thursday

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

There is nothing wrong in trying to perceive tomorrow. (Pause.) It is risky however to live today in such a manner. There are too many errors that can be made when dealing with precognitive elements. You are dealing with a world of probabilities. Now Ferd looked into a possible future, and this was quite legitimate—as a probable future. There is much concerning time that you do not yet understand, and I cannot explain it to you, unfortunately, in an evening. This may sound contradictory, but it is not. It is possible to perceive the future as it will be; on the other hand the future itself is always changing, for you change it in the present. (Pause.) In the precise moment in which you spoke the words, there was a probability, and a good one, that the event would occur as stated.

(This material concerns a certain horse race in late August; Ferd had predicted Steve would win a bet on this race.)

[... 40 paragraphs ...]

I was in touch with your Ferd, briefly. He is not yet aware of many aspects of his new condition (Jane’s voice was becoming somewhat deeper and faster), and is now learning to manipulate within it. Therefore even for us, communication was somewhat difficult, distorted and restrained. We are on different levels. We exist within the same system but within different levels of it. His periods of communication are necessarily brief, simply because he is unable at this time to utilize his energy to that direction with any effectiveness.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Your own talents will take a somewhat different direction as your abilities and Ferd’s abilities join together in a workable arrangement. (Voice stronger again.)

There will be a great emphasis upon certain emotionally charged impressions. This means that you will perceive certain impressions that have a particular emotionally-charged origin, more easily than you will perceive others. This is because both you and Ferd have had similar events occur in various lives, and your subjective association patterns are similar also.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

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