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TES5 Session 199 October 18, 1965 7/116 (6%) appointment Colucci Jersey radio sneezing
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 199 October 18, 1965 9 PM Monday As Scheduled

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He would not accept the responsibility that he felt such ability would put upon him, and so he looked for an outside source of the voices, and dreamed the sequence in which the voices came from a radio, and not his head. In the dream he switches the radio off, hoping to still the voices. They continue because he knows that he is picking them up from a channel that is not physical.

But he tries again, and in the dream he discovers another radio on your bookcase, Joseph , where our material is kept. The connection is obvious, for he knows that the Seth material comes from the same system as the voices. Here he reaches out to turn the radio off, and is stopped by a severe and sudden shock. The shock is his knowledge that our material would cease were he to shut off his abilities in such a manner. So the shock, which is one of realization, prevents him.

The connection with yourself is also obvious, since this happens in your room in the dream, for were he to shut off his abilities, you see, as one can turn off a radio, then you would be deprived as well as himself.

(Here, Jane reached out in front of her as though turning off an invisible radio. Her eyes were closed. Her pace however was now quite fast, her voice stronger, and she was quite restless. She changed her position, to lean forward with her elbows on her knees, her head down.)

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In the dream itself, he goes into his room and discovers that his ability is as much a part of him as his breath, and that he cannot turn it off and on at will, or turn it off as one would a radio. He stands in the room, and there is an electric storm in the dream, and the room is touched by vibrating currents. He is afraid. Nevertheless he realizes that he is part of the storm, and the storm is part of himself, and it is not destructive but creative; and most of all, a simple elemental part of reality as it is.

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It had to do with the fact that in his dream, the second radio was in your room, and he received a shock when he tried to turn it off.

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The sneezing was a panic reaction. Naturally you do not want to hurt Ruburt in any way, and you felt somewhat responsible because in his dream he could not turn off the radio which represented his abilities.

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