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TES5 Session 199 October 18, 1965 3/116 (3%) appointment Colucci Jersey radio sneezing
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 199 October 18, 1965 9 PM Monday As Scheduled

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(We regarded, offhand, the data on my parents as probably distortive or associative, as the material on Jane’s aunt and uncle. We thought it possible that “a man and woman, not yourselves. Older than yourselves”, referred to the parents of Marie Colucci, the dentist’s wife. The Coluccis are personal friends of ours. On a visit to their home this summer we met Marie’s mother, in Elmira on a visit from New Jersey. Marie had made the trip to New Jersey, to get her mother, by train.

(We thought this connection with “a trip by train” might be the distant connection referred to by Seth, when we remembered that while Marie Colucci’s mother had been visiting in Elmira, the mother’s husband died of a heart attack at home in New Jersey, while bowling. This would be the connection with “service” and “Flowers,” meaning funeral.

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(As soon as Seth said this, I remembered seeing the automobile parked before the Colucci’s house on the evening Jane and I visited there. Since their home is in the country, and not even close to any other house, the car couldn’t be connected to anyone outside the Colucci family. And of course it was not the dentist’s car, which we are familiar with. This is the somewhat complicated sequence of events here: Marie Colucci took the train to her parents’ home in New Jersey, and drove her mother back to Elmira in the parental automobile. When Marie’s father died of a heart attack in NJ, Marie drove her mother back to Jersey in the parental car, then returned to Elmira herself by train.)

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