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TES5 Session 199 October 18, 1965 8/116 (7%) appointment Colucci Jersey radio sneezing
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 199 October 18, 1965 9 PM Monday As Scheduled

(Tracing of the appointment card used in the 15th envelope test, in the 199th Session, October 18,1965.)

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(For the envelope test object I used the appointment card for Jane’s visit to the dentist last May 5,1965. This is the appointment that Jane kept while in a trance state, and thus had her teeth cleaned without discomfort. For an account of this episode see the 152nd session. See also my tracing on page 1. The card is on white stock, printed in black ink, with the handwriting in black pencil. I enclosed the card between two pieces of Bristol, then inserted the whole into the usual double envelopes.

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(See the tracing of the dental appointment card on page 1, and my notes about the card on page 2. The card refers to the appointment that Jane kept while in a trance state, to have her teeth cleaned. The test data appeared to contain some far-ranging impressions, but we seemed to be able to connect some of them up without trouble.

(Jane particularly remembered the appointment because it is the first she ever made voluntarily. This she calls “a turnabout” from previous habit. The card can be “Part of a missive.” We both saw “something swinging” as the dental drill suspended over the chair. We thought “The number 5” good, since the appointment was for May 5.

(Jane was sure “The color yellow” referred to the fact that she well remembers wearing a new, bright yellow shift while keeping the appointment.

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(Jane was sure “death of a dog” referred to the last dental appointment she had had previous to May 5,1965. This would be 3 years ago; Jane said she recalled this vividly because our dog, Mischa, died within two days or so of that long-ago appointment. The appointment itself had also been a painful one.

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The appointment was made in the afternoon. The service was a funeral service, hence the connection with flowers, which also reinforced the fifth month.

The appointment was made at five in the afternoon, incidentally.

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