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TPS7 Deleted Session December 4, 1983 3/29 (10%) Phyllis cream knuckles healing rinse
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session December 4, 1983 4:36 PM Sunday

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(Phyllis, the nurse, hadn’t taken care of Jane lately. She was assigned to her room today, though, and this morning as she began working with Jane she commented several times of the marked improvement in Jane’s ability to move, and the rate at which her decubiti are healing. Jane said Phyllis volunteered the comments without being asked. Indeed, I saw that Phyllis had put much smaller patches on the ulcer on Jane’s knee, her elbow, and so forth. The knee is healing remarkably well.

(I should add that those gaping cavities on Jane’s buttocks of last year have almost filled themselves in, in a remarkable demonstration of healing, as far as I’m concerned. Tender pink flesh still shows, but the healing process will continue, I think, until all signs of those wounds are gone.

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I am making myself known simply to reinforce those conditions in which healing is quickened. Those conditions are always present—yet even the briefest of sessions reinforces those aspects that quicken healing. The sessions are like a touchstone that puts you in contact with those greater portions of yourself that exist so knowledgeably within and beyond the realms of space and time. I may or may not return—yet know that I am present and approachable.

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