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TPS7 Deleted Session October 14, 1983 Rembrandt healing sponge soak rotated

Now: Very briefly, I want to congratulate Ruburt on the Rembrandt book, and to reassure him that that same creative energy is healing his body as surely as it has written books. There is nothing to keep that kind of energy in one compartment only. Let him realize that (emphatically), and the healing energy can more freely circulate through his physical body—with results as astounding as his books are!

(I added that Seth’s remark about using the same energy for healing that she’d used to produce Rembrandt was another excellent example of obvious insights—once one was aware of it. “It could be that your healing began way back on June 9, when you started Rembrandt,” I said. “We had to approach it, get started, that way, without even knowing what we were up to. We had to give ourselves hope in that fashion....”

(The time passed before we could realize it. I had many things to say that I left unspoken. Among them was a reminder to Jane that each evening as I lay in bed I send her healing energy and my prayers for her deep recovery. I still use the visionary technique I came up with when these sessions started: I envision a large sponge with which I go over her entire body, every inch of it, and soak up all the stiffness and pain and immobility. Then I squeeze out all those things as I hold the sponge out a window; the afflictions soak into the ground where they’re transformed into positive energy and attributes.

TPS6 Deleted Session January 27, 1982 cottage Paul Neill explore willingness

There are many different ways that people use such energy. Ruburt received another letter today (which I have yet to read), from someone experimenting with the kundalini version of energy, in which the final results were poor, leading to a fear of energy itself. It is highly important then that you realize the vitality and natural right to such energy, as it is available not only to yourself but to the plant and animal kingdoms themselves. Since your bodies constantly heal themselves, and since all nature is basically cooperative, so the exchange of such healing energy is freely effortless. [...]

(Long pause.) Animals massage each other, and also use touch healing, and these activities represent the natural characteristics available in the “animal family,” as well as occurring naturally in the family of man. Animals playing are always exchanging healing transformations of energy from one to the other. [...]

(Pause at 9:15.) It is quite healthy, particularly at certain stages, for young children to sleep together in the same room or even in the same bed, as long as some opportunity for seclusion is provided to them when they want it—for at night the ancient families did indeed refresh and heal themselves. You can consciously retrain yourself to use the ability more freely and directly, and in many instances one individual can help heal another easier than the person can himself. [...]

NoPR Part One: Chapter 5: Session 624, October 30, 1972 patient disease sound doctor beliefs

Now the same applies to what is frequently called spiritual healing. If through the concentrated use of psychic energy your body is cured by such a healer, you will also simply trade those symptoms for others unless you change your initial beliefs. Now sometimes a healer or a doctor, with his effectiveness in healing a condition, will show you by inference that the healing energy was always within yourself, and this realization may be enough to allow you to change your beliefs about health entirely.

[...] Your body has an overall body consciousness filled with energy and vitality. [...]

[...] As such they are incipient images, collectors of energy. [...]

TES9 Session 486 June 9, 1969 passageways Pietra guests Ernie drugs

[...] He will also be able to help you in the use of healing energy. Some few encounters may occur in which he shows you the various ways that paintings can also be used as healing agents.

[...] Certain paintings can capture the psychic energy of others, and certain paintings can release the psychic abilities and healing abilities of the viewer. [...]

[...] He is not only working with patients and using art as a therapy for them, not only having them paint as therapy, you see, but he is also working on the idea that some paintings in themselves have a healing effect. [...]

TES8 Session 342 May 17, 1967 action sparked nonfact event intensity

You sent vital healing energy and resolution to his physical body, and the heat he felt was the result of this energy. [...]

[...] The energy generated in sparking a given action-event is never lost. [...]

[...] Many individuals reacting to a given event may do so by combining their energy to produce one major action-event in response.

TES8 Session 364 September 13, 1967 hopelessness marriage peanut trap reliable

[...] (Pause.) I will address healing energy to her, to the best of my ability. [...]

[...] Again, I will direct what healing energy I can in the patient’s direction. [...]

The husband, now, should follow this exercise three times dail: He should imagine the energy and vitality of the universe filling his wife’s form with vitality and health. Not a wishful thinking sort of thing, but a definite effort to understand that her form is indeed composed of this energy, and in this way he can help her use it to her advantage.

TPS1 Session 480 (Deleted) May 7, 1969 symptoms prayer health concentrate layer

[...] The personal subconscious then acted like a lid, blocking off the healing energies that came from below. [...] Those healing abilities, that exuberance and love of life, is from a deeper layer of the self.

[...] Ruburt during his period should imagine feelings of exuberance, energy, and inspiration, general feelings of release and freedom. [...] Do not give them extra energy through concentration.

[...] This automatically takes energy away from the symptoms.

TPS7 Deleted Session October 22, 1982 Sheri England news Nancy Edwards

[...] Your course of late had led to this development, and is continuing it, and he has also been able to open himself to healing energy sent to him from other sources by Sheri and friend. [...]

[...] This is the kind of change in position she needs in order to encourage healing of her decubiti. [...]

(The session, brief as it was, gave me an odd surge of hope—because of the news involving Sheri and healing, and because I hadn’t expected the session. [...]

TPS3 Session 702 (Deleted Session) June 10, 1974 physician improper muscles softened mistrust

[...] The healing energy has softened muscles that were hard. [...]

[...] He is being healed, but with conscious cooperation, and relying upon the fact that you form your reality—not, for example, by simply accepting another framework of belief—but his dealing with the nature of beliefs themselves, and this is an achievement. [...]

WTH Part Two: Chapter 14: August 5, 1984 funeral breakfast eating chucks uneven

Those energies are coming to Ruburt’s aid now. [...] This is a therapeutic measure that will make way for healings, comfort and reassurance, by his putting together material in different fashions, rearranging experience, turning thoughts inside out.

[...] More than the session words are important (delivery very uneven), for underriding those, the healing energy is being translated in other ways.

WTH Part Two: Chapter 11: June 13, 1984 patient rain anger treatment fondle

The rearousal of love might well activate Framework 2 to such an extent that the healing energies become unblocked, and send their threads of probable actions into the person’s living situation as well — that is, once the channels to Framework 2 are open, then new possibilities immediately open up in all of life’s living areas. And many of these, of course, have a direct bearing on health and the healing processes.

TPS1 Deleted Session May 6, 1970 chat resentment pendulum penis straight

Often you can help each other quite effectively, direct your energies toward the other, and bypass those impediments that help prevent you from using your own psychic energy as well as you should in your own behalf; so that you can help Ruburt in some areas where he is weak, and he can help you in some areas where you are weak. You get a full concentration of healing energy in this way, and directed through love.

[...] What he felt this week, and in beginning his book, was the rousing of his energies. [...] Now when he feels a sense of exhilaration—he knows the subjective feeling I refer to—then have him direct it, that energy, to his arms. [...]

In last night’s session (for Jane’s ESP class) rather extraordinary amounts of energy were released here, to the benefit of all concerned. [...]

TPS7 Letter to Sheri Saturday Morning, October 23, 1982 Sheri behalf healers Jerry p.s

[...] For the first time in a session, Seth remarked last night that Jane has been able to open herself up to healing energy from you and the people you have asked for help on Jane’s behalf. [...]

ECS2 ESP Class Session, August 11, 1970 dazzle roses Kyle crushing turmoil

[...] You may counsel friends, you may send healing energies toward those who may need it. [...]

[...] The great trip, the great fascination, the cosmic energy and power and strength resides within the eyes of a frog, within the body of a suburbanite who mows his lawn. [...] Therefore, listen to your own inner voice and follow your way, but do not trust those who tell you that good vibrations are here with A and B and C and bad vibrations are with E, F, G and H, for the energy that forms All That Is is within each. [...]

[...] They are free with their energy, but they use it as a fine jeweled rope so that their force can be so fascinating to you that you do not realize that you are being bound about the neck. [...]

TES8 Session 366 September 25, 1967 competitor Searle Bradley John Gleason

[...] We have on two evenings visited the home in question, and we have personally done our best in directing the healing energy of the universe to this woman.

The very fact that the man has been driven into a corner has made him desperate enough so that he is able to concentrate large amounts of energy on her behalf. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session June 1, 1981 Werner Jim Adams muscular difficulties

(Long pause.) He can help himself beside the sessions by encouraging the use of his own abilities directed toward self-understanding and healing. Once a day an exercise in the utilization of healing energy should be used. [...]

(I might add that Frank Longwell has suggested that Jane’s extreme slowness of movement currently stems from healing changes taking place in her muscles, and that such movement is protective in nature. [...]

Our material does not work by providing bandages, but by providing an overall aura of creativity that in itself generates self-healing and self-understanding—and that is how other people are helped. [...]

TPS3 Session 781 (Deleted Portion) June 28, 1976 ligaments improvements Gladston muscles circulation

I leave healing energy with him.

TPS1 Session 382 (Deleted) November 27, 1967 Psycho Cybernetics table compassionate divan

[...] Your hands upon him— this is of benefit, and to some extent you can direct healing energy to him in this manner. [...] There is a healthy interchange of energy now between you both. [...]

[...] Much of your own energy has been used in the situation involving yourself and Ruburt and your joint problems. His energy is now, incidentally, normal— that is, his energy is at the point where it was, but now its emergence will not be blocked as it was at that point, just before his symptoms.

The nature and focus of your energy as you learn will be important in other areas. [...] (Jane stretched out on the divan.) You will have sufficient control over energy to make very successful projections. [...]

WTH Part One: Chapter 1: January 14, 1984 activites hundredfold slide pencil ahold

— and I am making myself known but briefly in order to accelerate those coordinates that are so beneficial for the progression of healing energy.

TPS6 Deleted Session June 4, 1981 rollers cushion services absolute Frank

[...] We didn’t try the table today, but she did do the healing energy thing, and evidently with some success: She’s to write a description of it to insert in the pendulum notebook. [...]

[...] (Long pause.) An animal in Ruburt’s physical condition would simply be resting, perceiving body alterations and odd states with patient acquiescence, doing what it could physically and forgetting about the rest, trustful in the body’s capacities to heal itself. [...]

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