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TMA Appendix A Ed Lib predictions skiing Alaska

Today before I began work, for instance, I scribbled down ten quick phrases under the heading “Predictions: August 24, 1981.” This took perhaps three minutes or so. [Presented exactly as written by Jane.]

My eyes scanned the list. Could 3 and 7 — egg carton and milk man — apply to Larry’s grocery store job? These I just marked evocative. Then I thought of another connection with “milk man” — our young fan, Larry, once would only drink milk, he was on a natural food diet — or had been. In fact, I had offered him milk as I went over my predictions … I suddenly remembered something else. That morning before beginning work, I sat at my desk unaccountably thinking about the way Rob and I had met. I had the impulse, for no particular reason, to write about the meeting today instead of writing on this book (The Magical Approach) and spent a good ten minutes thinking about the entire affair. In memory’s quick vivid images I saw the very first meeting:

They lasted perhaps five minutes. Ruburt noticed them and forgot them once again. This time, however, he decided not to call his friends, and he went about his business. In about a half hour the same mental activity returned, and finding himself struck by this, he mentioned the episode to Joseph and again cast it from his mind.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 16: Session 658, April 23, 1973 hypnosis undivided hypnotist Sixteen attention

For five or ten minutes a day at the most, then, use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs. [...]

[...] There is no need to continue the practice over ten minutes. [...]

[...] The large events of your life, your interactions with others, including the habitual workings of the most minute physical events within your body — all of this follows your conscious belief.

SS Appendix: ESP Class Session: Tuesday, February 9, 1971 Bernice predestination aristocratic slums justification

You are not now what you were ten minutes earlier. You are not the same being physically, psychologically, spiritually, or psychically, and ten minutes later you will be different again. [...]

Now if you would each, for ten minutes a day, open yourselves to your own reality there would be no question of self-justification, for you would realize the miraculous nature of your own identity. [...]

[...] Though he eats the same poor fare as the poor man, and lives in the same poor house for a day — or for a year or five years — he knows he has his mansion to return to. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 15: Session 657, April 18, 1973 reinforce past beliefs current present

[...] A correctly utilized five-minute period of time can be of great benefit, however. [...] Feel and dwell upon the certainty that your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities are focused through the flesh, and for five minutes only direct all of your attention toward what you want. [...]

[...] But the belief in the present, reinforced for five minutes, plus such a physical action, will sometimes bring literally awesome results.

[...] (See the 624th session in Chapter Five.)

SS Part One: Chapter 4: Session 522, April 8, 1970 dimensional actors roles three pretend

Ten minutes a day to begin with is quite sufficient. [...]

[...] The rocks and stones and mountains and earth are living camouflage, interlocking psychic webs formed by minute consciousnesses that you cannot perceive as such. [...]

NoPR Part One: Chapter 6: Session 628, November 15, 1972 Augustus Two contradictory powerlessness beliefs

[...] In one sentence Augustus would make a statement, and ten minutes later make it clear with another remark that the first fact had not been true.

[...] No longer were the minute-to-minute messages to the body scrambled.

TMA Session Seven August 28, 1980 intellect charcoal cultural beliefs weather

[...] Midway through this process he tried to catch himself, but he believed that his body could not handle the heat — and that belief outweighed his intent to change his thoughts, so they kept returning for perhaps ten minutes.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 13: Session 652, March 28, 1973 unconscious sleep waking evil behavior

[...] I answered it, then Jane took over when she was out of trance; for five minutes or so she talked to a woman who lived a couple of hours away and wanted to come to ESP class.)

The body itself can be physically refreshed and rested in much less than eight hours, and after five hours the muscles themselves yearn for activity. [...]

TMA Session Five August 20, 1980 George Laurel target magical rational

As Seth suggests, through even a five-minute exercise, in which we sit quietly and look about, we can become aware that the present is the point of power. [...]


NoPR Part Two: Chapter 13: Session 651, March 26, 1973 black age races sleeping white

[...] She’d heard the recorder turn itself off some ten minutes ago, but no other external sounds.

(Pause.) Many will find that a five-hour steady sleeping period is quite sufficient, with a nap as required. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 16: Session 659, April 25, 1973 hypnotist doctors witch hypnosis quacks

[...] And again, no more than ten minutes is required.

[...] In connection with Seth’s delivery since 10:10, we’d like the reader to refer to these sessions: the 616th in Chapter Two; the 624th in Chapter Five; and the 654th in Chapter Fourteen. [...]

SS Part Two: Chapter 12: Session 550, September 28, 1970 hate hatred sausage cheek evil

If you examine your thoughts for five minutes at various times during the day for several times a month, you will indeed receive a correct impression of the kind of life you have so far arranged for yourself in the next existence. [...]

[...] Oftentimes four or five individuals will set themselves a given challenge, and assign to the various members different parts to play. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 21: Session 673, June 27, 1973 hatred hate war love powerlessness

[...] She spent perhaps ten minutes describing some of the categories inherent in the material, and repeatedly said that she wished we had a record of it. [...]