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TPS4 Session 811 (Deleted Portion) September 26, 1977 synchronize edification disorientation sinuses muscles

(11:47.) Give us a moment.... Very briefly, for your edification: Ruburt’s eyes are achieving normal motion, the muscles and so forth being released to normal capacity in the last few days. The synchronization is not accomplished yet. The right side is highly active. New body relationships are taking place, and that activity gives him a sense of disorientation as muscles, released, practice their flexibility, and learn to synchronize it.

TPS3 Deleted Session August 15, 1977 towels dedicated improvements ligaments synchronized

[...] Overall, there has been considerable quicker motion to almost all portions of Ruburt’s body, though as he noted, these are not yet noticeably synchronized.

They would not be noticeable at all, however, if some inner synchronization had not occurred. [...]

TPS3 Jane’s Notes Tuesday, July 26, 1977 James dishes walked snack synchronized

[...] Almost impossible to describe but it’s as if a million tiny things in my head were just off enough, so that the rest of the body didn’t work right, walk right; as if the body wasn’t synchronized and as if this afternoon it was fitting together again correctly; all the parts lining up or something. [...]

TPS3 Session 809 (Deleted Portion) August 8, 1977 pulleys ligaments refrigerator tightening Kautz

The motions may not seem synchronized as yet, but those important ligaments are midway along in their release—a highly important development.

NotP Chapter 10: Session 794, February 21, 1977 brain orange neural double sequences

[...] The brain, of course, and other portions of the body, tune into your planet and connect you with numberless time sequences — molecular, cellular, and so forth — so that they are synchronized with the world’s events.

[...] The entire package of physical reality is dependent upon the senses’ data being timed — synchronized — giving the body an opportunity for precise action. [...]

[...] Otherwise, in fact, its smooth synchronicity would be impossible. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session June 8, 1981 Cec Curt cheesecake Ellspeth Saturday

(Last Saturday, the 6th, was not only “chair day,” as I told Jane, but seemingly synchronicity day also. [...]

[...] There is a sort of similarity here, then, beside the ordinary synchronicity: for if we didn’t get to see the Lords at all, I didn’t get to talk to Curt much beyond saying hello and shaking hands. [...]

TPS3 Jane’s Notes Tuesday, July 12 symphony woozy Frank sinuses crescendo

[...] A mourning dove makes its lonely lovely sound; Frank comes in to make a phone call—ordering concrete for later today; Rob is typing in another room, the FM radio station is playing a symphony; outside my side window the green leaves shimmer in the air; and again, everything seems synchronized in its own fashion; everything separate yet together. [...]

TPS3 Tuesday, August 16, 1977 Notes foot ankle decent knees walking

All of this changed my walking tonight; right foot trying to walk properly, but not synchronized... [...]

TES8 Session 417 June 17, 1968 stream refreshment Cayce emotional prospectus

[...] If your periods are not synchronized, these periods of which I have spoken, and you are not ready for this emotional actualization, and he is, then there can be also resentment of your part. (Pause.) The periods eventually synchronize and you should both attempt to realize the feelings of the other at such times.

TPS3 Session 806 (Deleted Portion) July 30, 1977 ligaments credulous Harvard journalist Fuller

[...] Some of these motions are not synchronized yet, and yet the improvements I speak of have been obvious.

NotP Chapter 2: Session 756, September 22, 1975 drama program Trek station waking

[...] You bring it into clear focus in almost the same way that you adjust your television picture, only in this case not only sound and images are synchronized, but phenomena of far greater complexity. [...]

NoME Part Two: Chapter 3: Session 818, February 6, 1978 realms motes dust Weathermen storm

[...] Yet for our sessions I must synchronize many activities, so that on some occasions I am with you, and I am also involved elsewhere.

TPS3 Deleted Session August 20, 1977 materialistic spray jaw glasses forecast

[...] To some extent, however, some synchronization has escaped you. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session July 4, 1981 bondings matrix safety bindings abandonment

(Here Seth referred to several examples of “synchronicity,” involving especially a dream of Ellspeth Weissenbuehler’s, and several events involving herself, Jane. [...]

TPS3 Deleted Session August 10, 1977 ligaments distractions bodily artillery nerves

The eyes themselves are moving somewhat more spontaneously, though their motions sometimes are not synchronized, causing at the edges of vision the odd motion of images.

TPS2 Session 600 (Deleted Portion) December 13, 1971 cordella Alphabets language shambalina impressionism

[...] Some of its effectiveness has to do with the synchronization of its rhythms with bodily rhythm. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session July 26, 1981 service pleasure Turkish Ramstad apparel

(“Synchronicity” also seemed to be involved with the dream, for in today’s paper I found myself reading a column in the sports section, concerning knee injuries —and this in turn triggered my remembering that Ralph Ramstad had a “trick knee,” as he used to call it, the result I believe of a childhood accident. [...]

NoME Part One: Chapter 2: Session 806, July 30, 1977 memory events past floating future

When such other-life memories do come to the surface, they are of course colored by it, and their rhythm is not synchronized. [...]

TPS3 Deleted Session August 22, 1977 solitude rejection hurt deposits squandering

[...] The eyes will become synchronized as the two sides of the body become so. [...]

TPS4 Deleted Session October 29, 1977 ligaments faith knees Rubin lubrication

[...] They have not been synchronized. [...]

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