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TPS1 Session 478 (Deleted) April 28, 1969 5/59 (8%) pluck weeds pen desire sell
– The Personal Sessions: Book 1 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 478 (Deleted) April 28, 1969 9:05 PM Monday

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Now, as for Ruburt’s upset Saturday... It was caused by a fear of fear.

He became so aware of fear’s destructive energies that he panicked, thinking there was no way to keep fear away. It was quite beneficial that he spoke to you about the brief depression, for this helped relieve it, and your reassurances helped rouse his confidence.

He was frightened at the amount of negative thought that he encountered in himself, and recognized. Now you are not actively to seek out negative thoughts, but to find positive ones. Otherwise you concentrate upon the feared result rather than the desired one.

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Fear of any kind, including fear of fear, is destructive. A negative thought gains in power to the extent that you fear it, and you had better underline that whole sentence. A better attitude is “Well, there is a negative thought, let’s get rid of it.” Now, mentally, have Ruburt pretend it is simply a weed, and mentally throw it over his shoulder after he has plucked it from the seed of his consciousness.

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Now tell him he has learned, for in the past he would have allowed this to continue, and he did not. You help him pluck out the mood. The whole idea is not fear of the symptoms that you have. He must not build them up by comparing them with the state of health that he desires. This builds up the wrong end of the equation.

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