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TES9 Session 440 October 7, 1968 42/76 (55%) joy preoccupation Pat life conditions
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 440 October 7, 1968 9 PM Monday

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Once you wholeheartedly accept life on life’s terms, then you may indeed find what you are after, but not while you insist upon it as a condition for continued existence in this life. You have no right to set such terms, any more than a flower would insist upon sunny ground and a preferred spot within the garden as a prerequisite for its own existence.

[...] Life accepted on its own terms will yield secrets of joy and peace and exuberance. You cannot coerce it. You cannot force it and you cannot set conditions.

You are not accepting life on life’s terms as an individual. You are demanding that it behave in certain ways, and take courses that you have consciously set upon, and you are refusing to gladly accept life as life, as its own reason and cause within you.

[...] You must accept life on its own terms with the faith that your life now has a meaning and a beauty and a purpose. You can do this, and I know that you can do it. [...]

[...] They accepted life on its own terms, and in so accepting it they were filled with a grace, a grace that comes from giving life all that you have.

You are your own inner self, it is true. You have set your own problems, but the life force is not entirely yours. You have decided to do certain things with the vitality and life that has been given you, that flows through you, but it is not your right to end any given personality. [...]

The uniqueness that is your own personality is to be cherished. It has (underlined) a meaning. You have no more right to crush it than you have to crush a flower. [...]

If every cell set up the conditions of its own existence you would not have a body. [...] Forget your conditions and you will realize the meaning of joy within your own life.

Vitality and joy and creativity move through you all spontaneously if you (underlined) do not set up barriers in terms of preconceptions and conditions; and all your desires will be met, but never when you set them up as conditions for your existence. The life that is within you knows only these terms: continued unpredetermined development, expansion; it will not flow in predetermined patterns or demands.

[...] You are trying to close it. It reaches out to all kinds of people over and beyond sexual lines, and you are attempting to hold it in bounds. You feel the need for a great love, but you have the great love and do not realize it. You are trying to make it safe. [...]

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