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TPS1 Session 208 (Deleted Portion) November 15, 1965 10/87 (11%) envy penis faltered itch envious
– The Personal Sessions: Book 1 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 208 (Deleted Portion) November 15, 1965 10:29 PM Monday

[... 35 paragraphs ...]

Now, as briefly as possible. The hand was connected with the envy, and also with the difficulty involving the penis. This is somewhat complicated.

The envy caused you to be angry at the hand, which was not bringing you the financial results that envy required. Therefore you punished the hand. Subconsciously your reasoning went like this: “If I were any shape of a man, the hand would bring me what I wanted.” And translating this into literal terms, you changed the shape of the penis.

You did not incapacitate the penis or the hand, you see. You did not after all blame yourself that much. (Seth amused; I laugh.)

Ruburt, incidentally, simply because of his nature and through no design, was of benefit to you here, since he never commented on the penis in an adverse manner.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Now. The symptoms would vary at times. You also felt that in order to satisfy envy, you would have to change yourself from your direct course to a crooked course. Here again, the shape of the penis.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

We have something else here however to say concerning the penis, which is very amusing under the circumstances, and not simple.

On the one hand you are pleased because Ruburt does not demand a large amount of physical goods, in usual terms. On the other hand you have the hilarious suspicion, when you are envious of others, that if he wanted more you would get more for him. You could blame him, and therefore have your cake and eat it too; so that the penis difficulty is also aimed in his direction, rather literally.

It is also so aimed in another manner. For when you are envious you become angry at yourself, but also angry at him, for you cannot help thinking that if he worked harder, if he did something, of what you are not certain, then he would make more money, and you could still have what envy demands. So here again the penis difficulty, for he sat home full time writing, while you work part time, and yet he has not made all that money.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The manipulations here should be obvious, and they result again in the shape of the penis. All of these difficulties are not organically serious. Functionally they certainly are not beneficial however, and they should now begin to better themselves. Much of this has already been worked out by your own subconscious, and with this session the situation should quickly begin to show signs of improvement.

The penis difficulty may last longer, for it is more involved, but it is in no way dangerous to you, and left alone it will disappear.

[... 33 paragraphs ...]

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