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WTH Part One: Chapter 3: March 15, 1984 2/19 (11%) Trapeze defying stunts Margaret regulated
– The Way Toward Health
– Part One: Dilemmas
– Chapter 3: Daredevils, Death-Defiers, and Health.
– March 15, 1984 4:06 P.M. Thursday

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(When I got home from 330 I called Margaret Bumbalo. Joe is in the hospital, room 560, and has a sarcoma in or surrounding the heart area. He gets chemotherapy tomorrow, so I won’t see him until the next day. He can come home between treatments. His diabetes isn’t yet under control.

(In my dream I’d written that he had a heart attack, but this appears to be off the mark, although pinpointing the correct area of his trouble. At times I’ve even wondered if I recorded the dream accurately, since in it I didn’t see him having a heart attack, only rubbing his chest area with Margaret helping him, and myself there as only a witness. Margaret thinks the dream remarkable, and is going to check details time-wise.)

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