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WTH Part One: Chapter 3: March 15, 1984 2/19 (11%) Trapeze defying stunts Margaret regulated
– The Way Toward Health
– Part One: Dilemmas
– Chapter 3: Daredevils, Death-Defiers, and Health.
– March 15, 1984 4:06 P.M. Thursday

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Individuals who defy death time and time again are actually more frightened of it than most other people are. Trapeze performers, stunt men and women, race-car riders, and many other groups have a life-style that includes death-defying stunts on a very regular basis.

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(Long pause at 4:16.) Only when they pursue some death-defying career do such individuals feel safe enough to relax otherwise and live a fairly normal life outside of their death-defying careers.

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