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WTH Part One: Chapter 2: February 9, 1984 2/21 (10%) circulatory temperature fever mucous blotchy
– The Way Toward Health
– Part One: Dilemmas
– Chapter 2: Biologically Valid Thoughts, Attitudes, and Beliefs
– February 9, 1984 4:16 P.M. Thursday

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(Jane threw up mucous at least three times during the night. She did so while on her side, and couldn’t get help when she pressed the call button. The staff people had to change all of her bedding in the middle of the night. Jane had to yell for help. She didn’t get her lower teeth back afterward because they’d become messed up, she said.

(“But Seth was right,” she told me. “The body was trying to get rid of things — the mucous — that it didn’t want.” She sounded weaker than usual. Also during the night, her feet began to turn a mottled red color, reminiscent of the way they used to be when she’d had much swelling in them. Only now there was no swelling. The reddish clots looked like circulatory changes. I noticed them as soon as I entered 330. Jane said they didn’t hurt, except that her right heel in back, and the inside of her right ankle, bothered her a little.

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