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WTH Part One: Chapter 2: February 9, 1984 4/21 (19%) circulatory temperature fever mucous blotchy
– The Way Toward Health
– Part One: Dilemmas
– Chapter 2: Biologically Valid Thoughts, Attitudes, and Beliefs
– February 9, 1984 4:16 P.M. Thursday

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It also helped rid the body of excess fluids — the phlegm, and so forth. (Long pause.) The fever itself broke in the middle of the night. Ruburt did well with his attitude — especially since the hospital help are so prone themselves to negative suggestion. The high temperature was also the result of stoking the body’s furnace, so to speak — and, again, getting rid of any leftover “poisons.” Period.

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The process of clearing the body out began when Ruburt started his Day 1, but with the great frequency of negative hospital suggestions, and general false beliefs connected with fever, the beneficial aspects indeed had to be taken on faith as largely (underlined) they were (louder).

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(4:26 p.m. I got Jane some cool water. “Gee, that was good — just cold enough …” She’s sipped at liquids all day. Small wonder that her body needs them, after the fever, and so forth. For several days just past, her sinuses have been full, causing her to sniffle and blow her nose often.

(4:32. Jane was ready to be turned early — most unusual. She wanted her right foot massaged with Oil of Olay. By 5:00 I began my nap — but Jeff Karder and a nurse came in ten minutes later. Jeff wanted to run a blood test tomorrow — “I’m not sure of the cause of the fever. We’ll watch those feet.” I told him the blotchiness had lightened since I’d been there today. Jeff didn’t want Jane to get dehydrated. He seemed generally satisfied, although he said Jane’s urine was “too concentrated.” I asked him to see if the latest brand of liquid vitamins my wife is taking could be switched back to her old one, for she dislikes the new ones intensely. He said he’d try.

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