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SS Appendix: ESP Class Session: Tuesday, January 12, 1971 3/59 (5%) Bert Jim Gnosticism kick wring
– Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
– Appendix
– ESP Class Session: Tuesday, January 12, 1971

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Yes. The most important thing, however, is to acknowledge the feeling as legitimate, with its own realm of existence, to admit it as a part of yourself. Then choose how you want to deal with it. You do not make others the brunt of your anger; anger is merely a method of communication.

(Jim H.: “I don’t want to direct the brunt of my anger at either of us. One, I don’t want to kick him. Two, I don’t want to hurt myself in some way.”)

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You should first of all admit that the feelings exist as a part of yourself, at the ego level. Whenever you close your feelings off from yourself you are, in your terms, less alive. Then, as far as is possible, communicate those feelings verbally in whatever way you choose. Use anger as a method of communication. Often it will lead to results that you do not think of, and beneficial ones.

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