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ECS1 ESP Class Session, September 17, 1968 6/28 (21%) dog door taskmaster yaps fear
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 1 Sessions 9/12/67 to 11/25/69
– ESP Class Session, September 17, 1968 Tuesday

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

There is a door within yourselves and you know that it exists. And you have your hand upon the knob. You will not get an electric shock when you touch it. You have merely to look within yourselves and open the door. You have merely to take some time for peace and quiet amid the objective activities of your day. There is nothing for you to fear behind that door. The both of you (Sally and Florence) hide fear behind different faces. Behind that door lies spontaneity and joy and understanding, and from these you have nothing to fear.

You know you have nothing to fear, but you do not know what you have to gain. You have much to gain. The momentary fear that you have felt was nothing, and it was not symbolic of a deeper, different fear. You need concentration and focus and a strong impetus, and you can develop these and use them. You (Rachel) have also the fear, but it is a superficial one and can be overcome. But these things require that you look inward. That within your activities you find a period of peace.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

I played with the light to help you out. The work that you (Florence) have done here helps all of the students and it does help you, but you must still open the door. The doorknob works, it will not fall off in your hands. The door will not explode and you have nothing to fear. If I could give you indulgences then I would.

I will have more to say in your (Sally) case also. For again the fear is there. And you try. You try to tint the fears with smiles, you try to pat it as you would a dog in hopes that it will not bite (words lost) you. But you do not understand the fear, and therefore you do not know how to speak its language, and when it speaks to you, you do not understand it. You can conquer the fear, but you must understand it. Give us a moment here. The fear will not devour you. You have given it fantastic proportions. You have exaggerated its strength, and because you have exaggerated its strength, you have given it more strength than it possesses on its own. You also fear to open the door.

Do not pretend that the fear does not exist. Recognize it simply, it will then lose much of its charge. This is the first step in ridding yourself of it.

If a dark angry mongrel follows you down the street and you know it and you say to yourself, “It is a fine day and I am alone and there is no dog behind me,” and it yaps at your feet and you say, “It is a lovely day and no dog yaps at my feet,” and it growls at your ankles and you run as fast as you can saying all the time, “Nothing chases me,” and you dare not look back; then in your mind the dog springs from a dog to a tiger, to an unnamable terror. And you do not look around to see that it is merely a small dog, but in your mind you build these fears. If you stop and turn around to see what is bothering you and you find a small dog, then you take a deep breath of relief and wish you had turned around sooner. This is you (Sally) and your fear.

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