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ECS1 ESP Class Session, September 17, 1968 4/28 (14%) dog door taskmaster yaps fear
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 1 Sessions 9/12/67 to 11/25/69
– ESP Class Session, September 17, 1968 Tuesday

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I still do not understand, however, why earlier Ruburt whispered and why these long serious faces as we sit about the table. You must not project your own feelings at this point upon others. The dead are not long-faced. Why should they come into such a long-faced sober group?

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All, all–life is full of vitality, and all life is joyful, and sitting around the table with long faces is not any more beneficial than sitting around the table with wine on it and the lights lit. My vitality is here, and it was not drawn here by long faces nor by sorrow. Vitality grows as it triumphs over sorrows and in any of my antics, as with the suddenly exploding light, there is also a purpose. And the purpose in that point was to let you see that the human individual reaction of a given personality continues. Only those very sure of their reality can afford to take pleasure in small things and to enjoy them.

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There is a door within yourselves and you know that it exists. And you have your hand upon the knob. You will not get an electric shock when you touch it. You have merely to look within yourselves and open the door. You have merely to take some time for peace and quiet amid the objective activities of your day. There is nothing for you to fear behind that door. The both of you (Sally and Florence) hide fear behind different faces. Behind that door lies spontaneity and joy and understanding, and from these you have nothing to fear.

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Now I have the serious faces. As our new friend would say, “Now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty.” This is your life, and your life, and your life, and not mine. While I can offer suggestions and impetus, there is no one that can open that door but yourself. You have found the door, you have beat aside the jungles of repressions (words lost) door.

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