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ECS2 ESP Class Session, October 27, 1970 2/29 (7%) Florence puzzle leash degradation segment
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, October 27, 1970 Tuesday

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That is an example of using the intellect as a leash if I ever heard one. Now, you are all different aspects of whole selves or entities. You are different aspects. Now think you are different aspects. A whole puzzle exists, a crossword puzzle is on the table. Imagine it. It exists as a whole. You may have a large segment or small segments. Now, is a small segment less developed than a whole, larger segment of the same puzzle, and where is their placement in time? They exist as a whole. The various pieces are aspects of a whole but in this the puzzle is always changing and never the same. You have various aspects of consciousness.

Now, I want you to think before you ask other questions, and that is why I interrupted you, and why I will blink out and let Ruburt blink on before you come on with the next one. The puzzle exists multidimensionally. You see me in the guise of my most timely self, and I will answer your question in the terms in which you ask it since I cannot coax you to ask another question in its stead. In the terms in which you asked the question, and only in that context, you are in kindergarten. When you learn to rephrase the question you will not be in kindergarten.

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